The Allen Ginsberg Knock Knock Joke

“Moloch! Moloch!”
“Who’s there?”
“The best minds of my generation”
“The best minds of my generation” who?
“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by
     madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn
     looking for an angry fix,”

The ending are the first 4 lines of “HOWL”, by Allen Ginsberg. Written in San Francisco, 1955-1956, and published in “HOWL And Other Poems” by City Lights Books in 1956. ISBN 0-87286-017-5. They were copyrighted by Allen Ginsberg in 1956 and 1959 and are the property of his estate. I assert that this is a fair use of this copyrighted material.

I, my late, first, wife, Lori Twersky, and our friend Ted Brattstrom share the blame for this derivative work.
I asked a clerk at the City Lights Books store in San Francisco, Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s store, if she’d ever heard any Allen Ginsberg jokes, giving this as an example. She said this was the only one she’d heard.