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Mondrian puzzle

Mondrian puzzle, originally uploaded by eric rutten.

Wonderful! I really like that Mr. Rutten re-purposed an existing puzzle and that painted it by hand. I had always thought of Mondrian as having hard-edged vibe but that’s not true- imitations and derivative works may be hard edged but the original is all “by hand”. Rutten has another puzzle, and a graffiti (boy I wish I’d thought of that…) and some neat primary color stuff on his own account. Check him out by clicking through this photo.

Jean and I saw an exhibit of Mondrian’s work at the MOMA in New York and I was astounded to see it was all free hand. Among the last of the “New York Boogie Woogie” pictures, one he left unfinished at his death, there WAS masking tape. Mr Mondrian had painted prospective squares of color ON TAPE and had placed them gently on the painting, to see if that was the color and location he wanted. But masked lines or edges? Never.

Up close, you could see his brushwork, which he’d done nothing to hide. No trace of the industrialism of, say, Paul Klee’s IKB canvases, which really are flat, uniform, color. Somewhat counter-intuitively, Mondrian is intensely organic. His early work was clean and representational and his abstractions are, literally, abstractions of a figurative world. If “figurative” is a word…