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My de Havilland Mosquito cockpit drawings:

Mosquito Pr/B Mk IV cockpit and nose This is the set of drawings, on Flickr

de Havilland 98 Mosquito B Mk IV Cockpit Port side 12

My Mosquito crew compartments port side drawing

Mosquito Cockpit Stbd, colored - in

My Mosquito crew areas starboard drawing

My Mosquito from seats forward cockpit drawing

My Mosquito cockpit nose-on drawing

/4332165664/in/set-72157623358284910/”>Forward view (as if looking forward from the wing spar)
Aft view (into the nose transparency)

Other Mosquito cockpit information I’m looking for:

(I wrote this note to the nice folks at http://www.warbirdrestoration.com, who have a huge stash of Mosquito documents and sell scans of ’em for UKP 5 each or UKP 600 for the whole set of 6000 (!). Now if I only had 600 UK Pounds I didn’t need…. Anyway, I thought this explained what I’m looking for and hope to find pretty well and so I’m putting a copy here in case someone else who has any of this information might find it.)

If *you* have a stash of de Havilland Mosquito engineering and production drawings, perhaps we can make an arrangement…

I’m looking for Mosquito B/PR Mk IV cockpit reference drawings. Dimensions wouldn’t hurt but aren’t required. My purpose is to produce as complete as possible a modeller’s reference drawing, for scale models from 1/12 to 1/144. Not for a replica cockpit, or large scale flying model, or building my own Mosquito in the basement.

One or more general-arangements showing structure, glued-in and screwed-in equipment/structures and bolted/clipped/snapped-in furnishings (seat, emergency O2 bottles, fire axe, etc) would be great. Something showing the momocoque, decks, bulkheads, rudder pedal box and “ferrule” locations would be very worthwhile. Port, starboard, from above, from the front, from the rear views would be useful. Sections at the plane of the instrument panel, bulkhead between bomb bay and cockpit, cockpit side of the front spar and cockpit aft bulkhead would be great.
Individual part drawings for Junction Box B, Junction Box C, the emergency Oxygen bottle and observer’s elbow cushion assembly at the forward edge of the starboard fuselage half, the Pilot’s controls, Observer/Navigator’s Controls, Observer/Navigator’s plotting board, the Vaccuum bottle rack below the window in the port nose compartment, the little plywood and bungee cord signal cartige holders, electrical subsystem, wiring installation, flight, engine and navigation instrument installation, hydraulic subsystem, pnenumatic subsystem, intercom, radio, lighting, oxygen and ventelation subsystems… I have The Mosquito Manual so I have the isometric views that show the fuselage, wings, and everything installed. I’m hoping to not have to enlarge and redraw the cockpit parts of those and then laboriously add information from photographs.

Obviously engineering drawings are a fiction to some extent- what was actually built and flown was a fuselage shell as formed by the hard tooling, with individual bits and pieces attached per tooling, drawing or Mk 1 worker-eyeball. I would not be surprised that there is no drawing that shows everything, I’m expecting to have to draw it, not just find it, but there must be a drawing (or a succession) for the shell with all glued and/or perminantly fastened structure. More than likely its schematic in nature- relative locations and or dimentions correct but the fine scale shape only generally accurate. Accurate, dimensioned bits and pieces would be specified separately.

Since I don’t have enough money to buy a complete set, I depend on you to evaluate what you have and make recomendations. Obviously I’ll run out of money before I run out of interest (grin). I imagine a good start would be 5-10 images, UKP25-50 + shipping. I’ll be happy to let you know what helps and what doesn’t, should you want to keep a list of likely answers to this kind of question. If you’ve already done this, say, for other modelers, or Cutting Edge, Eduard or Cooper Details, perhaps you have a list of recomended images already?

Many thanks, in advance!

Here’s a low-quality scan of my best drawings to date, I need to make a better scan, but I also need to incorporate all the pix I turned up at http://www.mossie.org… this is far from my final drawing!