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There’s always something more to learn… or remember!

Some Mac OS-X tidbits I picked up or recalled. I realize this seems somewhat dim of me…

1) Closing the window is NOT the same as quitting the application. For one thing, the application is still running, as you can see from the Mac’s menu bar. Also see the Activity Monitor, or ps -ef in a terminal window.

This small detail saw me fumbling through the latest iTunes update- I’ve got a dialog box asking me to exit the app and i’m thinking, “Gee, I closed the window, what does it want?” Well, of course, what it wants is for me to select “iTunes” in the menu bar, once I get the menu into iTunes mode, and slide the pointer down to select “Quit iTunes”… how is it I forgot that? Well, I remember again!

2) Force your Mac to boot from the cd/dvd? Hold down “C” while (re)booting. Similar to forcing a system to disgorge the cd/dvd by holding down the mouse. Of course, you can also set the boot disk via System Preferences, Startup Disk, to the Super Drive.