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I’ve GOT to stop reading political blogs!

Its anybody’s guess whether Fox or the Hillary Dead Ender’s at NoQuarterUSA is funnier/scarier/more pathetic/further beyond description. Halidane was right, the “blogosphere” “is not only queerer than we imagine, its queerer than we CAN imagine!”

All of you people need to put down the mice, back away from the computers and go out and do something positive with real people in the real world. Donate blood. Send a personal letter and some small gifts (paperback books, dvds, gameboy DS games, you know, stuff for 19 year olds) to our men and women serving overseas. Go volunteer at St Vincent De Paul and feed hungry-people. Help your neighbor with their garden. Send some money to Save The Children or Amnesty International. Write letters for someone Amnesty is trying to help. Spend time with your family.

In short, STOP HYPERVENTELATING ABOUT HOW SORRY AND FRIGHTENED AND PUT UPON YOU ARE. %)(*$%!!!! You’re doing better than 90% of the world already. You’ll be fine. Have some dignity for crying out loud!

Thank you for your attention.