Porsche 911 GT1 1996, 1997 “evo” and 1998 references

Each picture here is a link you can click on, that will take you to the picture, and related pictures in the same set.

Porsche GT1 motor

John Wiley’s front view of a customer car engine, circa 1997, as removed from a working race car. All the fiddly bits are present or at least were once attached.  Thanks for putting this one up, John!

Porsche GT1 motor

GT1 101 G-Force by johnei, on Flickr”>Porsche GT1 101 G-Force

Mr. Wiley’s *other* 911 (993) GT1 engine picture- the back end of an engine still attached to a car,  All the coils, cables, brake calipers, etc, that the mechanics would prefer NOT to disconnect are… NOT disconnected! My kind of photographer!:

Frame 8 of 21 from an exotic car dealer who had one and took superb photos of it.


One pretty good photo from my set of the Rohr 1996 car:

Porsche Rohr 1996 911 GT1

And here’s the picture by Kahmed79 that inspired me:


Thumbnail link? Click for a full size image in its own window: from top, front and back, no front or back body panels in the way. From Automovil magazine. http://img169.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=93299_McLaren_F1_GT-R_vs_Porsche_911_GT1_06_122_1125lo.jpg

Hmmm this image host seems a little dodgy- first time I click through I get a picture of wind turbine in front of the content I want… must be coming from the site that serves this URL… be thoughtful

And here’s the thumbnail itself:

First page of article for above, with excellent 911 GT1 cockpit, McLaren F1 pix:

Here’s where I found the links above, and a translation of the first half of the magazine article. Anyone up for translating the second half? http://www.theautounion.net/index.php?topic=11.0

Here’s a nice article on SpeedHunters about the #38 Champion Porsche 1997 evo car.

And beautiful views from the top of 1996-1997 era engines, not in a car! These are second only to John Wiley.

Andial, the independent US Porsche race car shop, have a web site, and that web site has a photo gallery of a street 911 GT1 getting an overhaul: Lots of pictures here of things you won’t see anywhere else – underside of the engine, intercooler removed from a complete engine. Unfortunately, since this is a street version, the intake is slightly different, possibly 959 derived, so there’s a single throttle body with 6 runners to the cylinders, rather than 6 individual throttle butterflys. Still…

A nice site from the Netherlands illustrating 911 GT1 colors from their various owners and appearances. There’s some really cool stuff here, not just the shark marking, though obviously that’s a keeper in my favorite colors of gray and white…   http://www.lemans-models.nl/MERKEN/porsche_GT1.htm

My links page:

My own contribution, photos of the Rohr 1996 model year customer car, at RennSport IV, Laguna Seca:


If you click this link you’ll find my cut-and-paste links and sandbox. When I get them working, I move them here.

There is no “I” in “Advanced Modeler Syndrome” – its always a team effort!

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