Airfix 1/72 Westland Whirwind Project Status

How the projects are going, this month and thereabouts. Last entry was July 09!

Airfix 1/72 Westland Whirwind,
5/25/10 tooling version 2, I was wrong about the kit part cannon barrels being “hopeless blobs”. Sorry. A little clean-up and they were much nicer than the barrels from a Matchbox Hurricane IIc that I tried using- the Hurricane cannon barrels stick out well ahead of the recoil springs, while the same cannon on the Whirlwind had the sprints mounted almost at the muzzles. So to use the Hurricane barrels I’d have to turn them 180 degrees, cut-down the wing fairing bit to be a muzzle and have the barrels stand in for the mounting tubes the recoil springs bear against. Not nice. A little sanding stick and sharp knife work and the kit parts were just fine, thank you. Of course I’d mounted one Hurricane barrel and had to remove it but it hadn’t filled the hole in the Airfix kit nose… All done now, I’ll have to like a photo.
Cannons attached and painted, touch-up painting done, canopy attached, somewhat sorry attempt at painted decal stock for canopy framing didn’t entirely go my way. But I got a pretty nice matte finish on top of everything, and I ought to put on the Pitot tube.

"Mixed Gray" Whirlwind without canopy

Cockpit from aft quarter

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