Hasegawa 1/72 Vought/LTV F-8E Crusader

Updated October 23, 2010. I keep going back and forth on this one – I’ve sanded down the humorously misshapen ejection seat that came with the kit. I also bought a resin replacement. I could paint either or both and install it, the kit is decal’ed and pretty much done except for the cockpit.Its straight out of the box, needs no nose weight. Why can’t it be done!?!?

The Hasegawa Vought F-8E has its landing gear and gear doors on, The windshield and canopy need to be added, as and the ejection seat, and the Y rails for the Sidewinders. Yes, I know, the Y rails were a great idea that didn’t work, the single rails were the ones that worked.

The Hasegawa 1/72 Vought F8E windshield and canopy framing are painted, I sanded/filed the ejection seat to look more like a Martin Baker Mk 5 or 7, need to dress it up with identifiable parachute box, face-curtain handles, center or side handle, 02 bottle, etc. Just like that one I scratch built, uh, 25 years ago 🙂 Maybe just copy it :^) It WAS based on the Famous Aircraft Of The World F8 book’s drawings…, The Y rails, well, maybe measure on the Heller fuselage or another Hasegawa one, or the FAW drawing :^).

Hasegawa 1/72 F-8E Crusader

Its foolish, I’ve got all but 5 or 6 pieces attached, the decals are done, for goodness sake… Oh, and I lost the starboard all-flying elevator but made a new one from a chunk of styrene. Sheesh. Ought to take a picture.

One response to “Hasegawa 1/72 Vought/LTV F-8E Crusader

  1. Bill,
    I would go with the resin ejection seat, which would cancel out the mistake with the starboard elevator. That is what I do – make a mistake and try to redeem it somewhere else on the model.
    Get along with it Bill, I’d like to see the finished model.

    Good Luck,

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