Modeling Projects Update

I need to establish a hierarchy among my pages, right now I just have 10 with more or less sensible contents. And here’s another one. I should break out pages for each of the individual kits or project as a page under this one, and I shall, I shall!)

I was applying all effort to the job search, no significant model building since January, nothing at all since early March but having accepted a verbal offer, I put some time yesterday into my box-stock Monogram 1/48 Mosquito B Mk IV. There are pix of it in my Flickr collection. I’ve got the major structure together, including the landing gear, but no gear doors or bomb Bay doors. Monogram provided little bits of flat styrene to act as “hinges” for all six doors. I made an attempt on the bomb bay with very bad results, did some thinking and rebuilding, and went back to it successfully yesterday.

I still haven’t unpacked the carton I put my models for the contest into… probably there’s some repair to do there :^)

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