Bill Abbott’s Current Resume, 2 page version


510 594 1567 home    510 502 1567 mobile

Software Lab, Quality, Test, Engineer

Lab environment, manual functional & performance test, continuous integration, release & regression, automation


  • 30+ years supporting, documenting, creating, releasing & running performance, verification, QA, new feature, bring-up, regression, & bug-fix tests for software, hardware diagnostics, calibration & drivers.
  • Enthusiastic adopter of best practices, coding & inspection standards, using automation, attention to results.


AMD, Sunnyvale, CA,                             7/2015 – 10/2017

Benchmark Lab Engineer

Install, maintain, diverse x86 computer lab, 80+ unique setups, at peak. Internal, online, resource used by engineers worldwide, assisting 3rd party benchmark developers. Most systems PXE boot from a Clonezilla server, run under Jenkins control. Jobs select Win7 or 10, driver(s) and application, run on multiple machines, and save/export results. APC remote power control, Raritan KVM shows output for remote users.

Didn’t set it up, but keep it running. Recently, did set-up VeeamZip to backup Ubuntu guests for Clonezilla and Jenkins, on our VMWare ESXi host. Competitive matchups, processor and benchmark releases drive which systems are in our herd. Just thinned over 30 machines, and bought 12 motherboards for new-to-our-lab parts. Installed system #154 when I started, installed #230 my last week.

One wish, at work? An electromechanical solution for BIOS/uEFI setups that can’t be remotely rebooted.

AMD usually limits contractors like me to 2 years, my boss and his boss got a one-time extension that ends October 31, so I’ll total 2 years and 4 months. I’d stay if I could.


CLOUDMARK, San Francisco, CA           04/2014 – 07/2014
Senior Software Development (Test) Engineer

  • Bug-fix verification, manual test, for IPv4 / IPv6 & SMTP issues, for Query (plug-in) parameter Versioning.
  • One of five test engineers in team for Cloudmark Security Platform (aka gateway/cmgw). Overseas, remote, & SF co-workers. First experience with continuous multi-level IRC enabling rapid communication.


HARMONIC INC, San Jose, CA               03/2013 – 10/2013
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Created, ran, released, manual tests new Xpress output of Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) audio, HLS multi-bit-rate video, in MPEG-4 package.
  • Effective, detailed, cooperation with overseas developers, via email and teleconference.
  • Worked with developers to verify features & fixes, finding & filing bugs. Found & fixed detail problems in requirements, design & test specs.


VMWARE, Palo Alto, CA                       2011 – 2013
Software Quality Engineer

  • Created & ran manual tests for Fusion: New USB Arbitrator, VMware Tools Scripts, Guest Settings menu in all Host & Guest power states; Time-of-day sync, Virtual disk space reclaim, Virtual battery on lap-tops. Created, updated, test procedures for corporate shift to HPQC.
  • Learned rudimentary Python on fly, to support existing automation, including corporate LATEST up and down merges by many groups. Monitor, triage, automated tests for continuous integration of next-release branch, staging branches, corp. core branches: Go-to for test harness communication faults.
  • Created bug reports, from catastrophic problems to typos. Built test cases to demonstrate bugs, help developers. Verified fixes & closed bugs reported by others. Maintained & improved user documentation.


PERFORCE SOFTWARE, Alameda, CA   2009 – 2010
Performance Lab Engineer

  • Ran, supported, created & released sh-script performance benchmarking tools for Perforce Software components, on multiple platforms: Added limits with per-test overrides & report to CPU cycle counting (icounts) benchmark; Tuned MacOS for icounts; Verified new -a -b -h options with massive “obliterate” file lists.
  • Published detailed information related to performance of Perforce Software components. Revised & extended “10 Minute Demo” for Perforce on Mac OSX; Fixed pre-sales & training documents.


LTX-CREDENCE, Milpitas, CA   2007 – 2009
Senior Software Engineer

  • Calibration & diagnostics for 18 bit, 500kHz (and under) AC Source, AC/DC Measure DCTM; Update logging, re-qualify limits, wrote manual for DigHR diags; Fixed bugs, duplicated problems in-house; peer code review & Wiki advocate.

ADVANTEST, Santa Clara, CA    2006 – 2007
Senior Software Engineer

  • Discovered & documented “open architecture” build process, rewrote SDK instructions; Ported Visual C++ code, scripts, for 250 MBPS, 128 channel card. Parametrized sources; Pioneered personal-build distribution;


TERADYNE, MEGATEST, San Jose, CA 1993 – 2005
Senior Software Engineer

  • Delivered object oriented, VB/Win2K coded executables, C++/Solaris and C/Solaris executables, for production/field system verification, hardware diagnostics and calibration.
  • Word documents, Wiki-wiki & HTML pages, scheduled with Microsoft Project & Primavera, versioning with Clearcase, home-brew, system, defect tracking with Clearquest.


CREDENCE, Fremont, CA   1991 – 1993
Senior Software Engineer – Diagnostic, calibration, hardware interface software in C/Solaris. SW release tests.


GENRAD, Milpitas, CA  1983 – 1991
Manager, Western Technical Assistance Center

  • Launched paid-for post-sales software support for signal analysis / vibration control products and semiconductor (functional) test products, operated for 2 years.
  • Sustaining Engineering Manager – lead team of software & hardware engineers supporting final system shipments, creating final, major, software release, cooperating with Japanese partner and East Coast software compatible system manufacture and sales, for 2 years after product line closed.


LOMAC, Fremont, CA    1978 – 1983

Senior Software Engineer


Productive, effective user, years of experience, could help others, review documentation, etc:

  • Windows, Ubuntu, Mac-OS-X, VMware ESXi, Fusion;
  • Jenkins, Clonezilla, sh/BASH scripts, diff, grep, VeeamZip backup, cmd.exe scripts, etc.
  • PCMark, Passmark, release, regression, performance & unit tests; code-to-test development
  • Trello, vi, Word, Excel, textedit, Google Docs, Open/LibreOffice, pixel-oriented paint/drawing programs
  • Bugzilla, Clearquest, Jira, home-brew; defect tracking systems, VMware Racetrack test result aggregator
  • Perforce, Git & Clearcase versioning/configuration management. Wiki-wiki & HTML multimedia.
  • Single threaded C++ (pre 2011), C; GCC, Visual Basic
  • Fagan code inspection, peer code review. Examinator for cp/cpk process capability/limit setting


Have supported existing code in Python, utility and interview programming in Java, used regexp.



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  1. Any bound vols of AI or AE for sale?

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