Bill Abbott’s Current Resume, 2 page version

510 594 1567 day    510 502 1567 mobile

Software Quality, Test, Software/Hardware Interface Engineer
Manual & Automated, Functional & Performance Test, Hardware Test, Checkers, Calibration, Drivers.

A Quality Engineer, low-level generalist, test case creator, triage-er, bug duplicator, implementer, fixer, problem-solver, filler-in-of-details, document writer. Complex system test, verification, calibration & driver software, user-interface to hardware.

Over 15 years experience creating & running software test, diagnostic, QA, calibration, driver, bring-up & verification software.

Maintained, enhanced and created test code in sh/BASH, C++, C, V-Basic, supported existing Python-based automation code, used, wrote simple Java, Perl and cmd.exe scripts.

Environments: Individual desk/lap-top host (Linux, Windows, MacOS-X) to client-server to multi-server “farm”, multi-browser, multi-platform & “device test” environments; Extensive experience with legacy code, porting, completing, converting interfaces, & upgrading existing systems; Release, stability & regression testing; Created documents, user interfaces & models to make data & systems usable by all.

Worked closely with other software & hardware engineers, managers, marketing, sales, support, customers, applications & manufacturing engineers, production technicians; Development, pre-sales, manufacturing & post-sales support roles; Extensive experience in multi-site / multi-national development & support, identifying & re-using best practices in legacy products & projects;

Used these tools & products for production in the last 15 years:
* Cloudmark Security Platform; ProMedia Carbon, Xpress, WFS; Perforce server, command-line, Web and Windows UI clients;
* VMware Fusion, Vsphere, w/ Win8, 7, XP, Ubuntu, Mac OS-X guests; Virtual Box with Win clients.
* C++/C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, Python,
* sh/BASH, Perl, Windows .bat scripts;
* Offline & online performance, release, regression & unit tests;
* Perforce, Clearcase, Subversion, Git source control; Jira, Bugzilla, Clearquest, home-brew tracking systems;
*ATLAS, Racetrack (VMware), icounts (Intel platorm), HProf (Java), profilers; Examinator for cp/cpk process capability/limit setting; Beginner with HPQC;

CLOUDMARK, San Francisco, CA 4/28/2014 to 7/4/2014
SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER IN TEST, cmgw, Gateway, Security Platform, RH6.4, UB12.10 linux, Firefox, Chrome native, Internet Explorer 11 in W7 Virtual Box VM.
Bug-fix verification, overall product test, for IPv4 / IPv6 and SMTP issues, manual test for Query (plug-in) parameter Versioning. One of five test engineers in team for cmgw. Worked with overseas, remote and SF co-workers. First experience with continuous multi-level IRC enabling rapid communication.
– (Laid off, not a fit in 7am-4pm, incomplete sentence, organization. Alas.)

HARMONIC INC, San Jose, CA 3/2013 to 10/2013
SENIOR SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEER, Promedia Carbon, WFS, Xpress Windows 7, Windows Server 2008
Created, released, ran, manual tests for Xpress output of Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) audio, HLS multi-bit-rate video, in MPEG-4 package. Good, detailed, cooperation with overseas development group, mostly by email, some teleconf. Finding and filing bugs, working with SW Engineering to validate fixes. Finding and fixing detail problems in requirements, design and test document specifications.

‘Production-ized’ the WFS / Carbon Sanity Check, disambiguating test pass/fail, capturing oral traditions, front to back edit for consistency and clarity. Make test descriptions match menus. Get it all down to “the vital few” and make it clear what to do and what to expect. Test-by-test score card for 400+ test items, anticipating management requirement for weekly / daily progress or box-score.
Tests run on Windows 7 desk top, Windows Server 2008, mixed farms, Apple iPad (HLS).
Test case construction to demonstrate bugs, assist developers with fault isolation. Verify fixes and close bugs reported by others.
– (Laid off, w/ 5 dev & 2 QE, trimming ProMedia product team to fit revenue)

VMWARE, Palo Alto, CA 5/2011-5/2013
SOFTWARE QUALITY ENGINEER, Fusion, sh/bash, cmd, Mac OS, WinXP, 7, 8, Linux, Python
Created & ran manual tests for Fusion: USB Arbitrator, VMWare Tools scripts, Guest Settings menu in all Host & Guest power states; Time-of-day sync, Virtual disk space reclaim, Guest virtual battery on lap-tops. Created & updated test procedures for corporate shift to HPQC test reporting. Learning Python on fly.
Monitor, triage, automated tests for continuous integration of next-release branch, staging branches, corp. core branches: Go-to for test harness communication faults. Working to improve code, messages, etc.
Created bug reports, from catastrophic problems to typos. Built test cases to demonstrate bugs, help developers. Verify fixes & close bugs reported by others. Maintain & improve user documentation.
Worked on 1 hour demo end-to-end in oDTF (Python) test harness. Arch., sources, accurate installation
– (Laid off, 10 person group, including mgr, 10 of the 900 cut Q1, 2013. Work sent to China.)

PERFORCE SOFTWARE, Alameda, CA 7/2009-11/2010
PERFORMANCE LAB ENGINEER, sh/bash, Java, Perforce, Linux, WinXP,7, Mac OS
Ran, supported, created & released performance benchmarking tools for Perforce Software components, on multiple platforms: Added limits with per-test overrides & report to cpu cycle counting (icounts) benchmark. Tuned MacOS for icounts. Verified new -a -b -h options with massive “obliterate” file lists.
Published detailed information related to performance of Perforce Software components. Revised & extended “10 Minute Demo” for Perforce on Mac OSX; Fixed pre-sales & training documents.
– (Laid off, position ultimately eliminated.)

LTX-CREDENCE, Milpitas, CA 8/2007-1/2009 – (Laid off, 1 of many, 2nd round after merge w/Credence. Work -> overseas.)
SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, C++, Clearcase, Linux/Solaris , TotalView, Examinator
Cal & diags for 18 bit, AC, 500kHz and under AC Source, AC/DC Measure DCTM; Update logging, re-qualify limits, wrote manual for DigHR diags; Fixed bugs, duplicated problems in-house; peer code review, Wiki;
– (Laid off, 2
nd round after merge w/Credence. Work outsourced overseas.)

ADVANTEST, Santa Clara, CA 4/2006- 8/2007
SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Visual C++, OOP, Perforce, Windows XP
Discovered & documented “open architecture” build process, rewrote SDK instructions; Ported C++ code, scripts, for 250 MBPS, 128 channel card. Parametrized sources; Pioneered personal-build distribution;
– (Resigned, frustrating: job unclear, 4 different reporting chains)

TERADYNE, MEGATEST San Jose, CA 1993-2005
SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Flex-Plus SB6G: Visual Basic, WindowsXP, OOP 2003-2005 Created & released 12.8GHz clock & walking strobeb driver; 6.4Gb/s 8b/10b data, output & clock/timing checkers, used less than 50% of allowed run time; Showed limits & stim/response data (250,000 samples of 5 bit wfm) in numeric, regression-friendly, form; Adopted bring-up & apps Fake-data off-line;
Tiger: C, Vega: C++, all on Solaris, 1997-2003 Created sensible, coherent, user model for differential waveform levels & flyby PPMU interconnect; Drove teams, to write drivers, functions & libraries to implement; Created standard illustrations/graphics; took-over, repaired, DC measurements library; Source-sync data transfer calibration; Automated unit and regression tests. Fake (non-zero) data off-line. Checkers for Time Jitter stamper, User program debug mask in hardware, end-to-end hardware pipeline.
– (Laid off, Facility closed 9 years, 3 products, after merger ) 9/2/14

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  1. Any bound vols of AI or AE for sale?

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