Air Enthusiast (magazine) Air International contents

So here’s the first I’ve compiled. Air Enthusiast Volume 1, #1-7. Air International Volumes 7, 18, 19, #s1-6. #28 #s 1-2-3 Boy this is tedious to type!


AI 1/1, Air Enthusiast Volume 1, Number 1, June, 1971

June 1971
AI 1/1, Fighter Spectrum b& w photos, wind-tunnel model of Lockheed CL-1200 Lancer
AI 1/1, Polikarpov I-153 Chaika Cut away, 3 view, b&w photos
AI 1/1, 30 Seconds over Sargodha, 1965 Indo-Pakistani war. b&w photos F-86, PAF
AI 1/1, Dassault Milan S-01 3 view, color & b&w photos, Major airframe breakdown, Scrap cut-away of retractible canard foreplanes
AI 1/1, 60 Years of Romanian Military Aviation IAR 80 color profiles,b&w photos
AI 1/1, Model Kit Review, profiles
AI 1/1, Northrop P-61 Black Widow Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 1/1, HS 141 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 1/1, Fighter A-Z
AI 1/1, Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos


(AI 1/2) AE 1/2 Air Enthusiast (Air International) Volume 1, Number 2, December, 1971

AI 1/2 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 1/2 Turkish Air Force F-5, F-84F, RF-84F, F-100, F-102, F-104, T-11, T-33, T-34
AI 1/2 Mitsubishi J2M Raiden b&w photos, 3 view, cut-away
AI 1/2 Aresenal VB-10 b&w photos, 3 view, cut-away
AI 1/2 Trident 3B b&w photos, cut-away
AI 1/2 Jaguar Protypes color profiles
AI 1/2 RAF Caproni CA-314 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos CA-311, CA-313
AI 1/2 Billion Dollar Bomber Soviet B-29 copy: Tu-4 BULL
AI 1/2 Model Enthusiast Airfix Draken, Frog 1/72 Hornet. Beaufighter and Ju-88 Spin-a-props,
AI 1/2 Fighter A-Z Ariete Aero, AE 02,04, 10, 20, 102 b&w photos, 3 views.


(AI 1/3) AE 1/3 Air Enthusiast (Air International) Volume 1, Number 3, December, 1971

AI 1/3 Mil-12 Twin rotor super heavy lift helicopter 3 view, b&w photo
AI 1/3 MiG-21 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 1/3 LTV A7D Corsair II for USAF 3 view, color & b&w photos
AI 1/3 P-39 Cut away, 3 view, color profiles, b&w photos
AI 1/3 Model Enthusiast HS Harrier GR-1, AV-8A 2 view, color profiles Hasegawa (Frog),
Airfix 1/72, Revell OH-6A, Cayuse, Airfix Lockheed L1011 Tristar, Aurora McDonnell-Dougas MD-10, Revell 1/32 Hawker
Hurricane Mk I, Nitto 1/102 Dougas DC-8 Super 62

AI 1/3 Royal Malaysian Air Force b&w photos
AI 1/3 Fokker DXXI Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 1/2 Billion Dollar Bomber Soviet B-29 Tu-4 BULL
AI 1/3 Fighter A-Z DH-5, Albatros D I, II, III, W4, D IV, D V, D VI 3 view, b&w photos
AI 1/3 Bristol 204 “TSR-2” 3 view, b&w photos


(AI 1/6) AE 1/6 Air Enthusiast (Air International) Volume 1, Number 6, November, 1971

AI 1/6 RAF Fighters part 3
AI 1/6 Fokker F.22 and F.36 4 engined airliners Cut away, 3 view, b&w photos
AI 1/6 Lyulka, Soviet jet engine designer IL-22, Su-11, YAK-1000, Tu-110, SU-7MF Beriev Be-10 b&w photos
AI 1/6 1971 AIRSOUTH Fighter weapons meet F5A, F-5B, F-100, F-4, A-7, G-91R color & b&w photos
AI 1/6 Curtis Hawk 75 and P36, pt 1 Cut away,version profiles, 5, color profiles b&w photos
AI 1/6 Model Enthusiast Heller 1/72 Curtis Hawk 75, 5 more Hawk 75 color profiles, Morane-Saulnier MS. 406, Dewoitine D 520, ANF-Mureaux 117, Bloch MB 151, Tamiya 1/100 MiG-19, Boeing Vertol 107civil and military, Sikorsky SH-3D
AI 1/6 de Havilland Mosquito From the Cockpit Very good b&w cockpit photo (N.F.30) b&w photos
AI 1/6 Messerschmidt Bf 109B and C Cut away, 3 view,version profiles, b&w photos
AI 1/6 Fighter A-Z ANF-Mureaux 170, 180, 190, Ansaldo S.V.A, S.V.A..3, 4, 5, I.S.V.A., A1 Balilla, A.C.2. B&w, 3 views
AI 1/6 Klemm KI 35D, He-111 w/ Fi 103, Breda Ba 65,(3 view) de Havilland 89 Dragon Rapide, Stout ST-1, b&w photos
AI 1/6 Restored Vought OS2U Kingfisher b&w photos


This is kind of cool- the only Number 7 they ever did, to make Volume 1 come out even at the end of the year:

AI 1/7 AE 1/7 Air Enthusiast (Air International) Volume 1, Number 7, December, 1971

AI 1/7 Hispano HA-220 Super Saeta, B&W photo
AI 1/7 Israel Preparing for the next round color & b&w photos
AI 1/7 Ilyushin Il-28 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 1/7 McDonnell Douglas A4 Skyhawk Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 1/7 VFW 614 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 1/7 P-36 / Hawk 75 pt 2 3 view, b&w photos
AI 1/7 Douglas DB-7 Boston and Havoc from the cockpit Cut away, 5 color profiles, cockpit photo, b&w photos
AI 1/7 Model Enthusiast Airfix 1/72 North American RA-5C Vigilante, Artiplast 1/50 Macchi C.200 Saetta, VHF Supplies Vac kits 1/72 Short Skyvan, Hawker Siddeley 748; 1/144 Lockheed Super Constellation, Boeing Stratocruiser; Frog 1/72 Dornier Do 17Z, Grumman Hellcat Mk I. Otaki 1/144 Lockheed C-5A Galaxy released (no review)
AI 1/7 Messerschmidt Bf 109G 7 color profiles,
AI 1/7 Pander S.IV Panderjager, 3 view, Heinkel 112 with rocket boosters, Stinson Model A, Miles M-20, Buecker Bu-131 Jungmeister, Hunting H.126 b&w photos
AI 1/7 Fighter A-Z Ansaldo A.C.3, A.C.4, Arado SD I, SD II, SD III, Ar 64, Ar 65 3 views, b&w photos
AI 1/7 Mitchell Memorial Museum Supermarine S.6B. Comte AC-4B, D-ELIS. Tiger Moth G-AIVW floatplane


AI 7/1 Air International Volume 7, Number 1, July, 1974

AI 7/1 Lockheed S-3A Viking Cut away, 3 view, color & b&w photos
AI 7/1 Spanish Air Arm Mirage III, F-5A, F-4C, Carabou, Saeta color & b&w photos
AI 7/1 Junkers Ju-87 Stuka From The Cockpit 3 view, cut-away b&w photos,
AI 7/1 Avia B.534 2 Cut aways, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 7/1 Fighters A-Z Brandenberg W-18, W-19, W-23, W-25, W-27 & 32, W-29, 3 views, b&w pictures
AI 7/1 Model Enthusiast: Dassault Super Mystere B2 kit summary (Solido, 1/60; Heller (Cadet) 1/100, Airfix 1/72) 3 view, & 4 additional color profiles, Revell 1:32 Mirage III; Frog 1:72 Ta-152H; Hasegawa 1:32 Nakajima Ki.43-II Hayabusa (OSCAR); Matchbox 1:72 Bf-109E, Vought F4U-4 Corsair; Rareplane (vac-formed) 1:72 Martin B-10, Beech C-45 (model 18) Expediter/SNB, Curtis A-8 Shrike.
AI 7/1 English Electric Canberra, b&w photos;
AI 7/1 Hispano HA-300, Piper PA-31T Cheyenne 3-view, B&W photos, 3 view, artist’s impression: Dassault-Breguet Falcon 50.
AI 7/1 3 view, brief description, Poligrat/Pilatus PD-01 Master Porter


AI 7/2 Air International Volume 7, Number 2 , August , 1974

AI 7/2 General Dynamics YF-16 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color (blue & white camo, red-white-blue) b&w photos
AI 7/2 Rothman’s Aerobatic Team Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 7/2 Folland/Hindustan Gnat, color & b&w photos
AI 7/2 Junkers Ju 52 Cut away, 3 view, b&w photos, specifications compared to DC-2, cockpit photo.
AI 7/2 “Front office evolution, part 6″ B&w photos, DC-7C, YF-16, Concorde, B-1 (prototype), Il-62,
AI 7/2 Model Enthusiast: Martin B-10 ( Color 2 view, USAAC, 1935, profile & top/bottom half and half, Turkish and Dutch East Indies Army colors, 3 additional profiles, Royal Netherlands AF, Argentine Army Aviation Command, USAAC, Philipines, 1937-1941 Revell 1/32 Bf-110G-4; Matchbox 1/72 LTV A-7D Corsair II.
AI 7/2 Curtiss P-40 “From the cockpit” Cut away, 2, color 2 views, 2 additional profiles, b&w photos
AI 7/2 Grumman AF-2S/W Guardian, 3 view, version profile, b&w photos
AI 7/2 Bell XV-15 tilt-rotor, RFB Fanliner D-EJFL, Sikorsky S-70 (civil H-60) 3 view & b&w photo


AI 7/3 Air International Volume 7 Number 3 September 1974

AI 7/3 British Aerospace 1974: Trislander, BAe 146, HS Hawk T1, Panavia MRCA, Westland Commando (Sea King) Cut aways; MRCA proto color 3 view, Jaguar, Harrier, Lynx, Strikemaster, Trident, BAC 1-11, Concorde, HS 748, Defender, Bulldog, color photos. Skyvan, Jetstream, Sea King, Hawker 125 b&w photos
AI 7/3 Airbus A3002BCut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos, color cockpit photo
Model Enthusiast North American B-25 Mitchell 2, color, 2 views, 7 additional profiles, kit summary ( 1/48: Revell B-25B; Revell 1/63; 1/72: Airfix, B-25J, Frog B-25D, Monogram B-25H) Matchbox 1/72 MiG-21PFM, Hawker Harrier GR-1, AV-8A; Monogram 1/48 Doriner 335 Pfeil; Italeri Go 242A/B glider, Go 244B twin-engined transport.
Farnborough memories: Wren.
Fw 200 Condor From the Cockpit (Capt.Eric Brown, RN) Cut away, 3 view, cockpit drawing, b&w photos, turret photo.
AI 7/3 Fighter A-Z: Breguet BUC/BLC Type 5, 6, 12, LE. 3 view, b&w photos


AI 7/4 Air International Volume 7, Number 4, October, 1974

AI 7/4 Lockheed Blackbrd – YF-12, SR-71 3 view, color & b&w photos
AI 7/4 Dassault-Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet trainer Cut away, 3 view, proposed version 3 views, color & b&w photos
AI 7/4 Middle East Airlines (Ceder tree marking)color & b&w photos DC-3 LR-AAG, Vickers Viscount 754 OD-ACF, OD-ACW, Sud Caravelle OO AEF, Vickers VC-10 9G ABP, de Havilland Comet IV OO ADR, Convair 990A, Boeing 707. profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 7/4 Fokker G 1“mower”, part 1. Fokker’s final fighter design, twin engine, twin boom multi-role “heavy fighter” version profiles, b&w photos
AI 7/4 Focke-Wulf FW-189 “eye in the sky/night-fighter” Cut away, 6, color, profiles, b&w photos, cockpit drawing
AI 7/4 Douglas XB-7, Mikoyan Ye-2A 3 view, b&w photo
AI 7/4 Model Enthusiast Macchi C.200 Saetta. 5, color, profiles, one in US markings, USAAF 79th Fighter Group. Kit survey, Artiplast 1:50, Revell 1:72. Otaki 1/144 Do-X; William’s Brothers 1/72 Martin B-10; Frog 1/72 Sepecat Jaguar A/B; Nitto 1/100 issued by Entex, Lockheed L.1011 Tristar, Douglas DC-3, McDonnell-Douglas DC-9. Entex 1/144 B-1(A) prototype; Testor’s/Hawk 1/72 Supermarine Swift F Mk 4; Matchbox 1/72 Supermarine Walrus, Bristol Beaufighter TF Mk X; Bandai 1:48 Aero Subaru 200, Cessna 150, Mooney Super 21, Piper PA-18-135, Beech Bonanza V35A, Piper Cherokee 140.
AI 7/4 A-Z Breguet Type 17, 690, 1001 TAON, 1100, Brewster B239 (F2A-1 Buffalo)
AI 7/4 Bellanca 8GCBC Scout, proposed Convair model 200A VSTOL fighter; 3 view, b&w photo.


AI 7/6, Air International Volume 7, Number 6, December, 1974


AI 7/6, Air International Volume 7, Number 6, December, 1974

AI 7/6, Hawker Siddeley Harrier Cut away, color photo, VIFF’ing diagrams.
AI 7/6, HS Hawk color photos
AI 7/6, Lockheed C-130 Hercules Part 2 3 view, version profiles, color (USCG HC-130H, USN LC-130R (alu, gray, orange, RAF midstone, green over black) & b&w photos
AI 7/6, Boeing B-17C High Altitude Sortie Cut away, 3 view, b&w photos, B-17E cockpit photo
AI 7/6, Fokker G.1 part 3: b&w photos, painting, 2 cockpit photos
AI 7/6, Grumman AF-2W Guardian Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color (restored) & b&w (Aero Union) photos
AI 7/6, Fiat CR.32(Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
Model Enthusiast Fiat CR.32 7 color profiles, 1 top view, original Revell SR-71, Matchbox Westland WG 13 Lynx (no trenches!), Dornier DO 28D-2 Skyservant, Hasegawa Mitsubishi MU-2J and MU-2S
Fighter A-Z : Bristol M.1C 3 view & photo, Bristol F.2A, F.2B (Fighters) photos, F.2B 3 view, Bristol Scout F, 3 view & photo, Bristol Scout F.1 photo, Bristol F.2C Badger photo, (3 view next issue)
3 views & photos: Yak 4,


AI 18/1, Air International Volume 18, Number 1, January, 1980

AI 18/1, Beech Super King Air – cut-away, color pix
AI 18/1, 1980s FGR Luftwaffe – Tornado, F-104G,  F4F, Hansa Jet, OV-10, Transall,  Piaggio P 149 color pix, F4F in non-std camo. VFW 614 b&w, F84F, T-33, Canadair Sabre mk 6,  Harvard trainer color profiles
AI 18/1, Fin Design for Combat Aircraft – “Fundamentals of Design”
AI 18/1, Nakajima Ki43 Hiyabusa (Perigrine Falcon) b&w photos, profile dwgs, cut-away, 3 view
AI 18/1, color profiles, English Electric Lightning RAF and Saudi Arabian Air Force.
AI 18/1,  Cavalier/Piper Mustang III/Enforcer, color pix @ McDill AFB, 1969, 3 view, b&w pix
AI 18/1, Fighter A-Z Fokker D VIII, V21, V25, V33, V34, V36
AI 18/1, IAI Westwind 2, DC-10 stretch (-61, -63)
AI 18/1, Model Kit Review, VEB Plastikart 1/72 Sukoi SU-7
AI 18/1, Model Kit Review, ESCI 1/48 MS 502 Criquet / Fi 156 Storch
AI 18/1, Model Kit Review, Airframe 1/72 dH 90 Dragonfly
AI 18/1, Model Kit Review, Airframe 1/72 Sopwith Schneider
AI 18/1, Model Kit Review, Airframe 1/72 GeeBee Super Sportster


AI 18/2 Air International Volume 18, Number 2, February, 1980

AI 18/2, Boeing 767 (-200 photos of models and 3 views of various proposals, cut-away,  3 view and flight-deck mock-up
AI 18/2, Bae Hawk Trainer – Red Arrows, color, b&w pix
AI 18/2, Roy Braybrook on VSTOL marketing, clear color photos of Yak-36 on Kiev/Minsk, 3 views of a dozen proposals
AI 18/2, Swiss Piranha light fighter concept
AI 18/2, From the cockpit, Hawker Sea Fury,  by Captain Eric Brown, RN; color,  b&w pix, cockpit dwg, cutaway, 3 view.
AI 18/2 , color profiles, 2 pages,  Savio Marchetti SM – 81, 8 different schemes.
AI 18/2, Fokker F-29 jet airliner, Sheriff light twin, OMAC-1, DC-10/MD-11 derived twin, Robinson R-22
AI 18/2 , Model Kit Review, Airfix 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb
AI 18/2 , Model Kit Review, Airfix 1/48 Messerschmidt Bf 109F-4
AI 18/2 , Model Kit Review,  Airfix 1/72 Junkers Ju87B Stuka, new tooling
AI 18/2 , Model Kit Review, Matchbox 1/72 AVRO Lancaster B Mk i/III
AI 18/2 , Model Kit Review, Matchbox 1/72 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
AI 18/1, Fighter A-Z Fokker F VI, D IX, D X, D XI, D XII


AI 18/3 Air International Volume 18, Number 3, March, 1980

AI 18/3, Sikorsky S-76 Spirit  Color pix, Cut-away, 3 view, cockpit pix,
AI 18/3, Mitsubishi F-1, F-86 replacement, color & b&w pix, 3 view, cut-away,
AI 18/3, Giant Voice bombing competition: Color pix  of  Vulcans, B-52s
AI 18/3, Bell P-59 Airacomet 3 view, cut-away, b&w pix, 6 color profiles,
AI 18/3, Fiat CR-42, 5 color profiles, kit reviews
AI 18/3 , Model Kit Reviews, Matchbox 1/72 Do-18, Matchbox 1/72 G91Y, Airfix 1/144 B-747 Branniff Big Orange, Combat Models 1/32 TBF Avenger
Fighter A-Z Fokker D XIII, D XIV, D XVI, D XVII, D XXI, G I (Wasp engine)
3 view & description: EMB 120 Brasilia, Aeritalia AIT 230, PZL Sokol, Cessna Corsair, McDonnell Douglas AV-8B

AI 18/4, Air International Volume 18, Number 4, April, 1980

AI 18/4, Lockheed L1011-500 Tristar – cutaway, color pix, 3 view, cockpit pix
AI 18/4, Nurtanio – Indonesian Aircraft Industry- licensed C-212, Bo-105, PZL-104, low-wing trainers
AI 18/4, Jet trainer market in 1980s, Roy Braybrook – color pix, Aero L 39 Iraqi AF, Belgian AF Alpha Jet, Aermachi 339, Italian AF, Bae Hawk demonstrator
AI 18/4, Dornier Do-18 – cutaway, b&w pix, profile dwg, 3 view, 5 color profiles & scrap views, all Nazi
AI 18/4 , Model Kit Review, Matchbox 1/72 Wellesley, Airfix 1/72 F-15 Eagle, Combat Models 1/32 F7F Tigercat, P-39 Aircobra, Ju-87 StukaFormaplane 1/72 Beriev MBR-2
Fighter A-Z Fokker G 1 (Mercury) D XXIII, Folland Fo 145 Gnat, Friedrichshafen FF 43, Friedrichshafen FF 46 (D I)
3 view & description: Su-6, Edgley EA7 Optica, Cessna 335, Piper Cheyenne III

AI 18/5,  Air International Volume 18, Number 5, May, 1980

AI 18/5, 1000 Lear Jets – 23, 24, 25, 34, 35, Longhorn model 50 3 view & cutaway, color pix, preliminary design 3 views
AI 18/5, USAF in UK – F4, F5E Agressor, F-111, A-10, KC-135 in color,
AI 18/5, Fundimentals of design- Flight Control Systems
AI 18/5, Last of the wartime Cats, Grumman F8F Bearcat by Capt. Eric Brown Cutaway, 3 view, b&w pix,
AI 18/5, Model Kit Reviews, Airmodel 1/72 He-70 Blitz, Minicraft/Hasegawa 1/32 F/A-18 & F-5, 1/72 EA-6B and IAI Kfir C2, Guano Ikarus Ik-2, Veeday Cierva C 30a
AI 18/5,  2 pages Merlin Spitfire profiles, 10 total,
AI 18/5, Fighter A-Z Friedrichafen FF 54, Engels M1, Geest, General Aviation XFA-1, General Dynamics F-111
AI 18/5, 3 view and description: Yugoslav S-49C, Supermarine 545

AI 18/6, Air International Volume 18, Number 6, June, 1980

AI 18/6, McDonnell-Douglas MD-80/DC-9 Super 80 – cutaway, color pix, 3 view, Original, 4 engine, Douglas DC-9 3 view,
AI 18/6, Ejercito del Aire -The Spanish Air Force: Dassault F1CE, McDonnell-Douglas F4C, Lockheed P3, Northrup F5, Fokker F-27, HA-220 Super Saeta, Dornier Do-28a, CASA C-212, Lockheed C-130 in color
AI 18/6, Short Belfast in civilian service – Heavy Lift
AI 18/6, Combat Aircraft: The Current Issues – Roy Braybrook
AI 18/6,  Hawker Fury biplanes in the Spanish Civil War – cutaway
AI 18/6, Embraer T-27 – cutaway
AI 18/6 , Model Kit Reviews, Boeing P-26 6 color profiles and kit reviews, Airfix 1/72 Lancaster, 2nd tooling, Heller 1/72 SAAB  35 Draken, PZL P11c, Curtis Hawk 75, early MiG-21, Airfix 1/48 Hurricane I, 1/72 MiG-23, Combat Models 1/48 Short Sunderland
AI 18/6, Fighter A-Z  General Dynamics F-16, Germania DB, Germania JM, Gloster Sparowhoawk, Gloster  Mars VI Nighthawk, Me-108 in UK RAF & D
AI 18/6, 3 view and description: Bell 326 Clipper, Rockwell Jetprop Commander



AI 19/1, Air International Volume 19, Number 1, July, 1980

AI 19/1, Jaktviggen: Major Boost for Swedish Air Defence – JA 37 air superiority
fighter, with 30mm cannon, Skyflash and Sidewinder missiles. Cutaway, color and b&w
photographs, One of SF-37 Photo-reconissance version. Color 3 view and kit reviews: 1/72
Airfix and Hasegawa
kits and 1/100 Tamiya kit of the prototype AJ-37s, Matchbox and Heller 1/72 kits of production versions ESCI’s 1/48 kit.
AI 19/1, Thailand Seeks Enhanced Air Capability – Color photos F-5E, OV-10, B&w
photos Vought 100 Corsair, Curtis Hawk III biplane, Hawk 75N monoplane, S-58T, Swearington Metro IV, C-123K, F5E, T-33,
F8F-1D, Spitfire XIV, Tiger Moth, F-84, F-86, T-6
Efficacious Air Intakes – end of “Fundimentals of Design” B. R. A. Burns Drawings, close-up b&w
photos of Gloster Meteor, Mig 21, E.E. Lightning, MiG 25, MiG-23, SAAB AJ-37, F/A-18 prototype
AI 19/1, Beech ad: King Air C90 LN-FEC Bonanza F33A D-ECLM, Baron E55 SE-LFE, Duchess EC-EOF
AI 19/1, The Wellesley: Geodetics In Action – Extensive b&w photos of various marks and versions, Cut away, 3 view, profile drawings.

AI 19/1, New Commuter Liners: de Havilland Canada Dash 8 and Saab Fairchild 340: 3

views and particulars.

AI 19/1, Canadian Yellow Birds: Agressive fire supression. de Havilland Canada Otter, Turbo-beaver, Twin

Otter color photos, S2 Trackers (CF-OPZ) trial ac.

AI 19/1, Fighter A to Z: Gloster Mars X Nightjar (1922), Grebe, Gamecock, Gorcock,

Guan (1927) biplanes.

AI 19/1, In Soviet Service:Ka-25 “HORMOME” shipboard ASW helocopter Color 3 view, b&w photos
AI 19/1, Model Kit Reviews,Airfix 1/48 Mosquito FB VI RAF 143 or 418 squadrons, Heller 1/72 Vampire FB Mk 5 Armee de l’Air and RAF markings; 1/50 Cessna 150 F-WZDR, 1/50 Bell 206 Jet Ranger SE-HPB, 1/125 DC-9-30, KLM; Formaplane vac B E 2c,


AI 19/2, Air International Volume 19, Number 2, August, 1980

AI 19/2, Nimrod AEW Mk 3 Cut away, 3 view, color pictures
AI 19/2, IAI (nee Rockwell) Westwind Cut away, 3 view, color pictures
AI 19/2, Petlyakov Pe 8 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles
AI 19/2, Air UK, Airline color pictures: Fokker 27, EMB-110,BAC 1-11
AI 19/2, MiG Flogger A-B-D-E-F-G MiG 23 & 27, color pictures B & D; 3 views, version profiles, B
(23MF), C (23UM) D (27), E (MF Export model), F (FB). G. Color 3 view of Flogger D
AI 19/2, Fighter A to Z: Gloster Goldfinch, Gambet, Gnatsnapper, Gauntlet, Gladiator, , F5/34
single seat/single engine, F9/37 single seat/twin enigne prototypes
AI 19/2, Model Enthusiast: 6 Flogger color profiles: B, USSR, DDR; E, Lybia; F, Czech. & Algerian; G,
USSR. Hasegawa 1/72 Floggers, Esci 1/48s, Heller 1/72 SBC-4 Helldiver, SE 535 Mistral, Italieri 1/32 Bo-105,
Airfix 1/72 BAe Hawk
Red Arrows. Contrail streamlined strut material.


AI 19/3, Air International Volume 19, Number 3, September, 1980

AI 19/3, M – cutaway, color pix, 3 view, 3 view,
Volume 19 Number 3 September 1980
AI 19/3,Mirage 2000, Cut away, 3 view, color & b&w photos – by Roy Braybrook
AI 19/3,DHC Dash 7 Cut away, 3 view, early design 3 view, color & b&w photos
AI 19/3,Eurofighter development: MMB TKF-90, Dassault-Breguet ACT 92, BAe AST 403 2 views,
AI 19/3,Kiang 5 FANTAN Color 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 19/3,BAe 146 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 19/3,Model Enthusiast: BAe Hawk Color top, bottom, port profile view, version profiles, 8 total
(2 pages) and tail and wing scrap views. RAF 234, No. 4 FTS, Red Arrows, G-HAWK demonstrator in desert & naval
schemes, Kenyan, Indonesian and Finnish trainers.
AI 19/3,Airfix and Matchbox 1/72 BAe Hawks, Matchbox 1/72 Handley Page Halifax.
Esci 1/48 MiG “27”, Bell UH-1D/Augusta AB-205 AI 19/3, Fiat 91R-1,
R-3. A4E, Alpha Jet. KP 1/72 Arado 96B
AI 19/3,Hawker Hunter G-HUNT, Sea Fury T-20 G-BCOW “RN 254” color pictures.\
AI 19/3,Fighter A to Z: Meteor I-III w/ 3 view,, F Mk 4, Mk 8 w/3 view, E
1/44 Javalen
w/ 3 view
AI 19/3,(Argentine) IA 63> trainer, Dornier 228-100,-200, Shorts S-360 photo
& 3 view


AI 19/4, Air International Volume 19, Number 4, October, 1980

AI 19/4,VC-10 RAF Tankers Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 19/4,NORAD Electronic warfare training Aircraft CF-100 & Martin B-57 color pix, T-33,
Falcon 20
, Color & b&w photos
AI 19/4,Roy Braybrook essay on airshows, cartooons by Chris Wren
AI 19/4,strong>Me Bf109E Cut away, 4 color profiles, b&w photos
AI 19/4,Soviet Backfire Bomber Color 3 view, color photos
AI 19/4,WG30 (private Westland Lynx development) color photos
AI 19/4,McDonnell-Douglas KC-10A Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 19/4,Model Enthusiast Sukhoi Su-7 6 Color profiles, KP 1/72 Su-7
AI 19/4,Airfix 1/48 Hawker Fury, Hasegawa/Minicraft, Esci 1/72 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18s, Esci 1/48 Northrup F5E
Tiger II, Hasegawa/Minicraft 1/72 Grumman F11F-1 Tiger, Heller 1/72 SAAB 21A, Esci 1/72 Panavia Tornado, Heller 1/72
Canadair CL 215
air tanker.Veeday 1/72 B.E.2c
AI 19/4,Fighter A to Z: Goodyear F2G, Gorbunov 105, Gotha GO-229/HO IX V2, Gourdou-Leseurre GL-1 and
GL-2, photo and 3 view
AI 19/4,EMB-110P3, F-5G, Piper PA-44 photo & 3 view


AI 19/5, Air International Volume 19, Number 5, December, 1980

AI 19/5 BAe/HS/Hawker 125 Hawk color & b&w photos,
AI 19/5 RAFEE Lightings at Akrotiri color & b&w photos
AI 19/5 Boeing KC-135 Pt 1: Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 19/5 Mitsubishi Ki-46, Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 19/5 Fighter A to Z: Gourdou-Leseurre GL-21, GL-23, 31, 40, 50 photo and 3 view
AI 19/5 Model Enthusiast Mirage F1 Color 2 view, 7 color profiles. Airfix and Heller 1/72
kits, Esci 1/48 kit. Contrail 1/72 vac Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle, vac Blackburn Botha. Airfix 1/72 Mcdonnell
F2H-2, -2P Banshee. Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha Jet. Williams Brothers 1/32 Caudron C.450/460
air racer.
Airframe 1/72 vac Turner-Laird Meteor ’38 and ’39 THompson Trophy winner

AI 19/5 Airdata file: FMA IB 58A, IA 66 Pucara B, Canadair Challenger 610E, SAAB/Fairchild 340, Aeritalia AIT
230-208, Aeromacchi AM-X, Aeromacchi MB 339K
single-seat close-support derrivative. Fokker F-29,
NDN-6 Fieldmaster, Pilatus Britten-Norman BN-2T Turbine Islander. McDonnell-Douglas/Hughes F-15E Strike Eagle,
McDonnell-Douglas DC-XX
. Photo and/or 3 view, description.

AI 19/6, Air International Volume 19, Number 6, December, 1980

AI 19/6 F27 Maritime Friendship Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 19/6 Westland Whirlwind Helicopter. 84 Squadron, RAF, serves UN patrols on Cypress. Color & b&w
photos, RAF rescue and UN marked examples.
AI 19/6 KC-135 Stratotanker pt 2. version profiles, color & b&w photos
AI 19/6 Henschel HS 129 Cut away, 3 view, version profiles, b&w photos
AI 19/6 Charting a course for V-STOL by Roy Brakbrook, cartoons by Chris Wren.
AI 19/6 Model Enthusiast Martin B-26 Marauder color profiles, 6 different aircraft, 1 Armee de l’Air, 1 RAF, 4 USAAF.. Kits: Aurora (!) and Monogram, 1/48, Matchbox, Airfix, Revell and Frog, 1/72. Heller 1/48 Republic F-84F, Esci 1/48 Bell 205, unarmed patrol, F-5E, “agressor” markings. F4-B, -J, USN. Heller 1/72 Fouga CM 170 Magister, !/72 Aerospatiale SA 316 Alouette (Lark). Guano Aeroplane and Zepellin Works Yugoslav Fury conversion, Modelaid folded photographic print cockpit interiors.
AI 19/6 Fighter A to Z (Loire-) Gourd Aou-Leseurre LGL-32, 32HY, LGL33, LGL-34, LGL-351, GL-410 avd 450

AI 28/1 Volume 28 Number 1 January 1985
AI 28/1 The Yugoslav Aircraft Industry, Soko Orao 2, Soko Galeb 4 B&W & Color Photos, Cutaways.
B&W photos of Orao 1, Galeb 2, UTVA Aero 2B, Aero 3, Type 212, 213 Vihor, 214D. 215 trainers. UTAV 56,
66 STOL types, 65 Privrednik agricultural spray plane. Kurir AOP, Type 522 trainer, S-49C fighter Type 451, S-451M
Zolja, S-451MM, T-451MM twin jet trainer/light attack planes, Type 452M experimental, Kraguj, SA-342L

AI 28/1 Ecuadorin Air Force, (FAE) history and equipment. B&W, Color Photos BAe Jaguar S, Mirage F1JE,
Cessna A-37B, HS-748, DHC-5D Buffalo. B&W only: L-100-30 Hercules, Strikemaster 89/89A, Meteor FR Mk 9, Canberra Mk 6, T-34C, T-41D

AI 28/1 Modern Military Jet Engines B&W photos Tornado F2, Mirage 2000, Italio/Brazilian AMX trainter/light strike, Mirage ACX, North American Rockwell B1B, F100-PW-220, Turbo Union RB-199,SNECMA M88, P&W
1120, GE F404.
Scale silhouettes of Avon, J52, J79, Atar 9K50, M53-P2, F100, TF30, RB199, F404, F101, F110.

AI 28/1 The Dawn of the Carrier Jet – Capt. Eric Brown B&W, Color Photos. de Havilland Vampire prototype

LZ551/G, HMS OCEAN, Sea Vampire F Mk 20 VV136, Gloster Meteor Mk 3, EE337, HMS Implacable.
AI 28/1 The Mignet tradition – Brienne ’84, flying fleas and ultralights. Color, B&W Photos, Croses LC-10
F-PXKK, Christen Eagle II F-PZRJ, SE5A replica, F-AZCY, 1/2 size P-47D F-PYQQ, Swiss Poux HM-380, HB-YBK; HM-19,
HB-SPG. Acroduster 2 F-PYPF, Avions Pottier P-170 F-PYIK, Quaissard GQ-o1 Monogust F-PYQT. Grinvalds G802 Orion

F-WZLX. Gyro Flug speed canard.HB-UCS Push Pou F-PYOJ, HM-14s, 2 seat, SB-01, F-WSBI
AI 28/1 Model Enthusiast
AI 28/1 McDonnell (McDonnell-Douglas) F-101 Voodoo – Color profiles
AI 28/1 C.A. Atkins de Havilland 88 Comet air racer die-cast metal, clear canopy, wire, aluminum sheet.
AI 28/1 C.A. Atkins de Havilland 1/72 Messerschmidt Me 209 V1 D-INJR speed-record holder.die-cast metal,clear canopy, wire, aluminum sheet.
AI 28/1 AAA Models, 1/72 Su-11, Vac-form
AI 28/1 Airmodel AM-050 Yakevlev Yak 1000
AI 28/1 Fighter A-to-Z
Lockheed P-38M Lightning, Lockheed XP-49, XP-58, XP-80, P-80 Shooting Star 3 view, B & W Photo,
Lockheed F-94A/B Starfire
AI 28/1 P-38J 42-67199 B&W photos DH-94 Dragon G-ADDI/N-34DH

AI 28/2 Volume 28 Number 2 Febuary 1985
AI 28/2 Lockheed A-12/YF-12A/SR-71A B&W, Color (USAF & NASA) Photos, Profiles Cutaway, 3 View,

version sketches.
AI 28/2 Embraer, the Brazilian Phenomina B&W, Color Photos
AI 28/2 Supermarine Spitfire pt 1 B&W, Photos, Profiles Cutaway, varient 3 View
AI 28/2 Canadian McDonnell F-101 Voodoo retirement B&W, Color Photos
AI 28/2 Model Enthusiast
AI 28/2 Vought F-8 Crusader, 6 different color profiles
AI 28/2 Matchbox 1/72 Aerospatiale Dauphin 2
AI 28/2 Airmodel 1/72 Ar 197
AI 28/2 Esci 1/72 BAe/Hawker Siddley AV-8A Harrier
AI 28/2 Esci 1/72 BAe/Hawker Siddley GR Mk 3 Harrier
AI 28/2 Esci 1/72 BAe/Hawker Siddley FRS Mk 1 Sea Harrier
AI 28/2 KP 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk IXE + 2 B&W photos
AI 28/2 Heller 1/72 Dassault Super Etendard
AI 28/2 Fighter A-to-Z
AI 28/2 Lockheed F-94A/B/C Starfire, Lockheed XFV-1, Lockheed F-90, F-104A, F-104C 3 view, B & W Photo,
AI 28/2 CASA C-212-200, Yak-11 G-KYAK, Grumman OV-1 Mohawk, ONERA Deltaviex, F-WBHA
AI 28/2 PZL-130 Orlik, Shenyang F-8 3 view & desc.

AI 28/3 Volume 28 Number 3 March 1985

AI 28/3 British Aerospace 125 biz jet B&W, Color Photos, cockpit & interior,Cutaway, 3 View
AI 28/3 Reno ’84,Hawker Sea Fury N924G #88, Dreadnaught #8, Furias #15, North American P-51 Mustangs Dago Red (#3? #5?) Stiletto, #84. Hansen Special, T-6 #75 “Warlock” B&W, Color Photos
AI 28/3 Suparmaine Spitfire>, Part II B&W, Photos, Mk IX Cutaway, 3 View
AI 28/3 Boeing DH-4 Mail> B&W, Color Photos
AI 28/3 Fokker F-27> B&W, Color Photos, Profiles Cutaway, 3 View
AI 28/3 Civil Turbofan Engines Boeing 707-320, 737-300, 747-300, 757, Douglas DC-8-72, McDonnell-Douglas MD-80, Airbus A300, Fokker F-100 Pratt & Whitney JT8D-209, 2037, Rolls Royce RB-211-535, Tay, GE CF-6-80C2 B&W photos, scaled engine silhouettes.
AI 28/3 Model Enthusiast
AI 28/3 Fokker F-27 Friendship> 8 Color Profiles
AI 28/3 Italeri 1/72 Convair B-58 Hustler
AI 28/3 Combat Models Vac 1/32 Convair F-102 Delta Dagger
AI 28/3 Heller 1/72 Dassault Etendard IVM
AI 28/3 Matchbox 1/72 De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter
AI 28/3 Merlin 1/72 Halberstadt D 2
AI 28/3 Italeri 1/48 Lockheed YF-12A Blackbird
AI 28/3 Fighter A-to-Z
AI 28/3 Lockheed F-104G, S, Lockheed YF-12A, Loening M-8, Loening PW-2, Poening PA-1,> 3 view, B & W Photo,
AI 28/3 Gulfstream Peregrine, MD-87> 3 view, B & W Photo,

4 responses to “Air Enthusiast (magazine) Air International contents

  1. Thank you!. Very useful

  2. Hi Bill,
    I was wondering if you could give me the benefit of your wisdom with regard to Air International. I have an almost complete collection beginning with Air Enthusiast June 71 through to Air Enthusiast International and on to Air International all the way to Feb 08, with only 8 issues missing. Are you aware of any specialist magazine dealers or perhaps anyone you know who might be interested in this collection. Thanks for your time Bill.
    All the best.

    • Hi Gavin,
      Hmmm, loose collection of magazines? I’d have a look at what the single issues sell for on eBay for “market price” and then look to see if there’s a premium for complete “volume” (6 issues) sets… Obviously a nearly complete set of magazines would be catnip to the right buyer. To give you the range of prices I’ve seen, I just filled in my missing volume 8, 6 issues, bound, and I paid $15 for them. That’s $2.50 each, not a bad, ‘quantity’, purchase price. I think I’ve paid up to $20 for a bound volume. $25 would be the most I could contemplate- Yes, a subscription costs more. That’s why I buy them second hand.

      Hay on Wye booksellers might have someone who specializes in Air Enthusiast/International, in the Uk. In the USA, I’d recommend C. A. Hood & Associates, as I bought a bunch of bound volumes from them long ago, and Hood, bless her heart, puts basic table-of-contents info in online and catalog listings. You might try Dan Webb Books here in Oakland, not sure Dan would be buying magazines, whereas I believe C. A. Hood & Assoc. probably are.
      One last UK vendor is KingKit, who sometimes puts dozens of magazine back issues up on eBay, so I know he’s got some… but they may come with kit collections purchased from the surviving relatives…

      Good luck!

      I generally recommend for l

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