Air International (Air Enthusiast) Index

The complete Air Enthusiast Volume 1, (numbers 1-7), and Air International Volumes 7, 18 and 19 (numbers 1-6 of each) are available!
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My pal Cheryl Hood at C. A. Hood & Associates / Four Star Collectibles does a terrific public service in the CAH&A catalog- she abstracts the major articles in each issue of the many old airplane magazines they carry. Nice. So you can look for, say, “Bristol Brabazon” (or just “Brabazon”) and find the Air Progress or Wings or Air International or Flight or whatever back issue, in stock, that contains a Brabazon article. But the obvious defect in relying on Hood’s abstracts is that the magazine in question has to be in their catalog (in stock!) AND while it indexes subjects pretty well, it doesn’t list model kits reviewed or indicate color profile subjects in Air International.

SO, with great respect, I’m going to put up my own search-able contents (and perhaps alphabetize it as an index at some point) for Air International back issues 1/1 to about 40/6- the first 20 years, the first 240 issues. Air International started as “Air Enthusiast” and changed after three years to its present title, with an increasing emphasis on current events. “Air Enthusiast” lives on as a quarterly with the in depth articles on particular designs, air services, etc. These listings are my own work, of course, neither copied from the C. A. Hood catalog or straight copies of the table of contents from each issue, or the slightly indiscriminate index included in the bound volumes. I’m listing what appear to me to be the major articles, not every mention no matter how small, and the subjects of color profiles and model kit reviews. Any mistakes are, of course, my own. If you find a mistake I’ve made, drop me a line and I’ll fix it!

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One response to “Air International (Air Enthusiast) Index

  1. The Aviation index site has quite a good index for both of these publications and a few quite a few others:

    All Magazines
    Air Enthusiast
    Air International

    Most articles are indexed by aircraft type which I find useful

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