Today’s note to Speaker Boehner. Raise the debt ceiling. Raise my taxes. Reduce spending. In that order.

(I sent essentially the same points to our Senators and Representative Lee too.)

Speaker Boehner,
Budgets, a borrowing limit and taxes are the topic du jur. Here are my priorities:

#1 Raise the debt ceiling. The Tea Party wackos can say anything they want, but they don’t have a majority in the congress to override the veto of the Adult in Chief, nor do they run the Senate. You’re playing “dog in the manger” and it belittles you, your party and our country. You’ve stated your opinion. The nation does not agree. Time to do the people’s business, without gimmicks or gotchas.

#2 Raise my taxes. We’re well off. Really. If we’re paying 17%, of our income in taxes, as Turbotax tells me, then it should probably be 18% or 19%. Thousands more, per year. Giving rich people tax breaks and living on the credit card is crazy. Time to stop. Paying down the accumulated debt would be good too.

#3 Cut spending. Start with all the things people say they now get that they don’t need. Not what other people get, what they benefit from themselves. Don’t cut something that benefits Paula to make Peter happy. People willing to give their own money, in the form of higher taxes, or forgo benefits they enjoy, lower payments, have something to say. People who want to cut other people’s benefits or get a net reduction in what they pay and have someone else fix the problem aren’t worth your time. That would include the majority of the Republican Party and pretty much all of the Tea Party.

Stand tall. Show some leadership. Propose an unconditional rise in the debt ceiling, at this late hour, and see who the real patriots are. Stanley Crouch once observed that not getting what you want is a democratic act. Perhaps the fundamental one. Kings and dictators and juntas rule by inspiration and conviction. Democracies are ruled by compromise.

Cutting billions of dollars in spending at the last minute under intense pressure, while the tinfoil hat brigade just want to wreck everything they don’t understand, isn’t any way for our great nation to be governed. You’ve had months to prepare for this business. Tossing out plans the CPO hasn’t scored yet isn’t doing what I pay you for. Your district elected you, but having asked to be Speaker, you work for me too. You’re doing a terrible job. Come to your senses.

Raise the debt limit. Raise my taxes, and your own. Cut spending on what we can’t afford. Or step aside and let an adult take the job.

Best regards,
Bill Abbott

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