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What the people want, or at least what brought them here…

Q & A based on searches that brought readers here yesterday, if the answer isn’t painfully obvious.

compass dh mosquito – Its on the sidewall to the left of the pilot, about where their knee bends. Same horizontal, direct reading compass as a Hurricane or Spitfire.

how to thin water based paint for spraying – Thin to the consistency of whole milk. Distilled water is good, distilled water 50:50 with isopropanol (rubbing)  alcohol is good, and evaporates faster. Both work with Polly Scale, Gunze Sangyo, Tamiya acrylic and Testor’s Acryl paints. Tamiya make a water and alcohol solvent (not isopropanol…) which works better for Tamiya acrylic paint.
I have read descriptions of people using lacquer thinner with water based paints- well, obviously it would evaporate REALLY fast.
polly scale ship colors – I’ll have to look this up- there was a Coast Guard Orange that I used for my 1/72 DHC-6 Twin Otter- it was either Polly Scale or Testors’ Acryl, and in a line of colors for nautical subjects. In addition, Polly Scale offer a collection of blues and grays identified as the various shades used in the US Navy’s WWII camouflage.
polly scale paint drying time – somewhat depends on how thickly its applied, and whether its thinned first. A brushed coat applied lightly can dry in as little as 20-30 minutes. A heavy coat might take an hour or two.

doolittle b 25 colors – Olive Drab over Neutral Gray. Propellers & hubs black. Wheels and gear legs “steel” paint.

vallejo us navy blue
Mmm – *which* US Navy Blue? Intermediate Blue? Blue-Gray? Sea Blue? Non-specular or glossy? Uniform blue? Dungaree blue? The blueish-grays of A-4 / F-14 / F-5 / F-21 (Kfir) Dis-similar Air Combat training Agressors? Blue Angels blue? That’s easy- insignia blue and white.

bac 707 to fed std 595 – For my money BAC-707 is approximately FS-36495 diluted with 8 parts white to 3 parts 36495.

paint color abbott green – never heard of it but I can see why it would up here.

bronze green tamiya

1/72 hasegawa f4f wildcat

dhc6 1:144

rc hobby store east bay, san francisco
bay area hobby shops
model car decal paper sf bay retailers

oxygen 61 gray

download tptp for netbeans

mig23.dwg 1
trislander aircraft
p-38l f5g aerial photography plane