Daily Archives: November 16, 2010

Looking for the next adventure- which is to say, a new job!

I’m searching for a new job, and the adventure I’m looking for is something not too far from home that I can do now or that they’ll let me learn and that pays a reasonable wage. Most of my career has been writing computer programs in C++, Java, C, Perl, Visual Basic, etc, scripts in sh/BASH, and various antique tools. I’ve done a fair amount of testing software for correct behavior, most recently benchmarking performance of a multi-user, multi-platform client-server version control system. I have many years experience in using two of the most popular revision control systems.

I’ve done a lot of testing and calibrating test instruments that set or measure voltage, current or time, in small increments, with good precision. I’ve been good at customer telephone support, system and pc board bringup, debug and repair. I have worked with statistical process control. I have written manuals and taught classes for English speakers and non-English speakers, for hardware and for software. I’ve setup call-tracking/bug-tracking/job-tracking systems and used packaged products as well as home-brewed.

I fix, maintain, document and extend existing hardware and software. I like solving problems. I like working in a team. I take good photographs and can make useful drawings and illustrations. I’ve visited customers all around the USA, Canada, Western Europe and Japan. I value Linux for power, MacOSX for user experience and Windows for ubiquity. I’ve done a lot of really cool stuff and some things I wish I could go back and decide differently. I read a lot, sing ,and play guitar and bass guitar. I love music and writing, other’s and my own. Most comments on Amazon.com indicate my reviews are helpful. This blog gets a fair amount of traffic looking for nonfiction information I have here or point to. I’m pretty pleased with that.