Project status Minicraft 1/144 American Airlines MD-82 (?)

Wow, thanks for the vote based on not much!
here’s the state of play- needs antennae, bits and pieces markings:

Minicraft 1/144 MD-80, F-104J/G, Spitfire

Minicraft American Airlines MD-82
Minicraft 1/144 American Airlines McDonnell-Douglas MD-80
I’ve got a pile of home-made detail decals to put on the AA MD-82, and it needs antennae and lights

2 responses to “Project status Minicraft 1/144 American Airlines MD-82 (?)

  1. Decals are gathered, and Jodie Peeler’s DC-9/MD-80 At The Boarding Gate volume shows where it all goes… if my own photos don’t 🙂 I pulled the plane out of the display cabinet, moved toolbox and decals downstairs to the living room, couldn’t get the time for it. Maybe today, Mother’s Day…

    Here are a couple examples showing places which can be enhanced with detail decals and three ‘shark fin’ antennae…

    American MD 80 parked north of SJC

    [00] looking longer from a different angle

    More at this set::

    Midwest MD-80 port profile

    Midwest MD-80, reflective cheatline white...

    American Airlines MD-80 well worn paint on nose.

  2. So, after several tries, I actually DID more work on this jewel. No photos yet, but there are improvements and I will take pix, Also, if anyone else builds this kit, you can benefit from my experiences.

    1) There is a Flying Colors detail decal for $8 or 10 or whatever. I finally got one. Its a LOT nicer than what I’ve been improvising. Its also CHEAPER since you need to buy a number of $5-8 alphabet sheets in black and red and white to get the shapes needed. I go down these paths based on cheapness and wind up spending more money… like Scrooge McDuck!

    2) Ok ok, be specific:
    Two red dots on the upper wing, cunningly lined up on aileron and spoiler engraved detail. These are the gravity flow fuel filler caps. Not normally used when pressurized fuel is available. Look at my Midwest pix and you can see how that works on the 717/MD-95. In any event, two red dots. Needed ’em. Got ’em.

    Red circle with black dot in it. Alpha (angle of attack) sensor? One on each side of the nose, below the beltline, just ahead of the nose gear small doors. Easy to see in the Midwest picture above.

    Large lamp ? or antenna below belt line, on port side about midway between nose and wing. Visible in Midwest picture, below the space between “D” and “W” in “Midwest”.

    Rectangular pattern of 4 black circles with a large black dot in the middle of each. Far enough off the centerline that they can be seen clearly from the side. On pair (L & R) near wing, one pair 1/4 the length of the forward fuselage or so, ahead.

    Line of 4 black dots under centerline. One ahead of aft pair of black circles with dots, above, second equally spaced behind circles with dots, two more at same spacing behind that. Start inside the aft end of the pattern of black circles with dots, then outside that pattern, further aft then further and further aft.

    Grille work for APU intake at top of tail fairing… In the last metal bit, an inclined collar ahead of the plastic part of the fairing, behind the engines. I have a better picture, have to post it. I looked at letter “I”, “H”, “E” on a lettering sheet with white letters and black outlines. 4 capital “E” and a sliver of something else next to it make a fair grille work.

    Two black dots near main door, two red dots. I followed Flying Colors on this but I need to check my references!!

    PIctures, I promise.

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