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My present Flickr sets and another 3-4 dozen I really need…

Photo sets in my Flickr photostream:

Real stuff
Airplanes, whole
Airbus A-320, A-319, A-321
AVRO Vulcan B.2
Blue Angels (McDonnell Douglas F/A-18s)
Boeing 737
Boeing 757
Boeing 777
Boeing B-47
CDF North American OV-10
CDF S2T Turbo Firecat
DC-9, MD-80, 717
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter
Grumman S2 (S2F) Tracker
Grumman S2 Firefighter

Lockheed SR-71
Mojave Airport Convair 990A
Vought (LTV) F-8 Crusaders

DC9/MD-80/717 cockpits

Cars, whole
Alfas & other Italian delights at Blackhawk
American cars at Blackhawk
Big Daddy Ed Roth’s cars at Blackhawlk
British cars at Blackhawk
Ferraris at Blackhawk
French cars at Blackhawk
German Cars at Blackhawk
Hogg Family Cobra
Our VW pickup
MOMA’s F1 Ferrari

What is it?

Airplane Cockpits
Landing Gear
Wheel wells

Completed Models
Models at SVSM meetins
1/144 by other folks
1/144 by me
Other People’s Models

Cutting out model parts
painting model parts
Academy Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat
Academy Hawker Tempest V
Airfix Hurricane Mk I/II
Airfix Westland Whirlwind
Airfix/Heller 1/43 Mitsubishi WRC
Airfix 1/76 M4 Sherman medium tank
Airfix, Fujimi 1/76 M4, M4A1 Sherman medium tanks
AMT 1/48 Grumman F7F-3
Arii/Grip 1/72 Cessna 172
1/144 Balsa Spitfire
Don Schmenk Twin Otter
Don Schmenk Sea Fury
Dragon 1/400 A-340-300
Dragon 1/144 Lockheed YF-117A, camo
Hasegawa 1/24 1967 VW Van
Hasegawa 1/72 Hawker Hurricane IIc
Hasegawa 1/72 J2M-3
Hasegawa 1/72 Ki44
Hasegawa 1/72 Ki84
Hasegawa 1/72 Vought/LTV F-8 Crusader
Hasegawa 1/72 Grumman F111-1 Tigercat
Hasegawa 1/400 777-200 (ANA)
Italeri Ryan BQM-34, Ryan Model 147
Italeri B-25
Italeri F-104G “S”
Kader 1/144 049, 649, 749 Constellation
Lindberg 1936 Ford
Matchbox Hurricane IIc
Minicraft DC-3
Minicraft Boeing 377
Minicraft Lockheed 1049G Super Constellation
Minicraft AA MD-82
Minicraft F-104G 1/144
minicraft Spitfire (1/144)
Monogram B-36B
Monogram ’85 Fiero GT
Monogram 1/48 de Havilland Mosquito ++
Monogram 1/48 de Havilland Mosquito S.O.B
Modelcraft/Revell/Matchbox DHC-6 Twin Otter 1/72
Revell Germany TF-104G
Revell 1/72 Hawker Hurricane IIb
Revell 1/72 Bell P-39
Revell 1/72 (old) Hurricane Mk 1a
Tamiya Vought F4U-1d
Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1
Tamiya 1993 Ford Mustang GT
Trupeteer 1/144 Spitfire “V” as a V””

And here are the ones I’m looking to add now!

VWs – Done!
VW Aircooled
VW watercooled
Ford GTs
Frog S6B
Lockheed F-80
Lockheed C-141
Lockheed SR-71
Maseratti Merek
Old Car Weekend
Porsche 914s
American Iron – DONE
Porsche 356
Porsche 911
VW water pumpers
VW Corrado
Zap 4 door
Model building tools supplies
Platz J1N2
Other people’s 1/72
Lockheed L1011
Boeingt 747
Boeing KC-97
Tamiya 1/20 Tyrrell P-34 6 wheeler
Fiat 500
Elecric Cars
Boeing 767
de Havilland Mosquito
Boeing 727
Cessna 208 Caravan
DHC-8 Dash 8
Embraier Em-190
Glossamer Albatross
Canadair RJ
Fast Jets
Fast Props
Austin Mini
Vought A7
McDonnell F4
Lockheed Constellation
SAAB 340
Little Cars

(T)F-104G paint colors: is a great discussion about Luftwaffe (post 1956…) (T)F-104G (and other air-to-mud strike aircraft) colors.

I was privileged to see and photograph the Marineflieger F-104 flight demo team in the 1980s, at Moffett Field, and there is no question in my mind that the underside color on their F-104s was a metallic tinged light gray. NOT bare metal, NOT aluminum lacquer, mostly light gray, but unmistakably containing aluminum powder too. This was when they had uniform dark gray on top, and the customary day-glo bands on the wingtip tanks.
I ought to scan those pix…

A nice guy named “Peepeing Bear” and a Jennings (OUR Jennings H from various airliner groups? Probably.) have a discussion at the arcforums site, and here’s what I take-away:

(T)F-104G, Luftwaffe:
pre “Norm ’72” RAL 7001 Silbergrau (a light gray paint)
“Norm ’72” RAL 9006, a metalic + white + gray mix. Revell Germany give a formula of 10% Aluminum, 40% White and 50% light gray, in their 1/72 TF-104G kit.
RAL 9006 Weißaluminium (white aluminium) paint.

Later, “Norm ’83”. a green / green /grey wrap-around scheme replaced Norm ’72

The polygonal camouflage (RAL 6014/7012/9006) was only used for Marineflieger F-104s for a short time.

If you desire a rara avis. German Starfighter memorial photo website is a good place to look for specific photos.

A good and well-informed source on (Bundesluftwaffe) camouflage colours is the website of JPS Modell “Don Color”

A terrific place to compare RAL and BSC381C colors, on line:
Standard disclaimers apply- its on line, not printed, so your monitory and ambient conditions will affect what you see, etc etc.

For Canadian colors (for Canadian F-104s… aka CF-104…), try:

which seems to cover all Canadian military, before unification and after.
Looking at my FS 595A, I can take 26152 for 7012 and 24064 for 6014. I have some thoughts on which bluish gray off the shelf best matches 26152, and I’ll post results when I have them.

Jennings sez:
RAL 7012 Basaltgrau (FS 26152), RAL 6014 Gelbolive (FS 24064), RAL 7001 Silbergrau (FS 26320), and RAL 2005 Leuchtorange (FS 38903).

These two are different, they’re NOT relaxing! (To me)

I assembled a play-list on iTunes that might be useful during a massage. Relaxing. Not exactly the new-age-y blur that seems to be favored, but trying to find that calming, smooth, let it all go vibe. Curiously (the rest the list is below) these songs don’t make the cut, because they’re NOT relaxing, calming, smooth, let it all go, in the middle of a bunch that are.

How Deep Is The Ocean 4:46 Diana Krall Love Scenes 80 8 6/11/10 2:32 PM 1997 Jazz
When I Fall In Love 4:54 Bill Evans Trio Portrait In Jazz 60 5 3/24/10 10:42 AM 1959 Jazz

And I’m still deciding about:
Anouman 5:07 David Grisman Mondo Mando 60 3 3/24/10 9:39 AM 1982 Country

I think the issue is thay there’s some emotional content that’s not simply playing music for the joy of it and that comes through, waking one up!

Curious, compared to the ones that work just fine.

Brass Trio 2:09 Kamikaze Ground Crew The Scenic Route 1990 Jazz
Subterranean 2:15 Kamikaze Ground Crew The Scenic Route 1990 Jazz
Birds & Bottles 2:17 Kamikaze Ground Crew The Scenic Route 1990 Jazz
Let Me Go 2:21 Eliane Elias A Long Story 1991 Jazz
Sweet Georgia Brown 3:09 Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli The Ultimate Collection 2009 Jazz
Fred and Rick 3:19 Kamikaze Ground Crew The Scenic Route 1990 Jazz
Trail Of Broken Hearts 3:26 k.d. lang Absolute Torch And Twang 1989 Country
Bach: Cantata #208, BWV 208, “Was Mir Behagt (Hunt Cantata)” – Schafe Konnen Sicher Weiden 3:38 Yo-Yo Ma; Ton Koopman: Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra Simply Baroque 2 2000 Classical
Bach: Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme, BWV 645 3:48 Yo-Yo Ma; Ton Koopman: Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra Simply Baroque 2 2000 Classical
Boccherini: Cello Concerto In G, G4 82 – 2. Andante Grazioso 4:09 Yo-Yo Ma; Ton Koopman: Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra Simply Baroque 2 2000 Classical
So Am I 4:19 George Gershwin Rhapsody In Blue 1987 Soundtrack
Elke 4:30 Camel Rain Dances 1977 Rock
Planet Caravan 4:35 Black Sabbath Paranoid 1970 Metal
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 – Theme: Aria 4:41 Yo-Yo Ma; Ton Koopman: Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra Simply Baroque 2 2000 Classical
Latitude 5:04 Béla Fleck & The Flecktones Little Worlds [Disc 1] 2003 Jazz
Anouman 5:07 David Grisman Mondo Mando 1982 Country
Bondage Of The Sea 5:18 The Mermen Food For Other Fish 2001 Rock
Angels On My Mind 5:39 Joe Sample Old Places Old Faces 1996 Jazz
Pony Boy Track 04 5:53 Allman Brothers Band Pony Rock
One Of These Days I’ll Get An Early Night 5:54 Camel Rain Dances 1977 Rock
A Distant Episode 6:02 Jai Uttal 1992-Monkey 1992 World
The Hooded Serpent 6:36 Jai Uttal 1992-Monkey 1992 World
There’s A Planet Here 6:40 Ozric Tentacles Arborescence 1994 Rock
Mandinga 8:29 Rubén González Introducing…Rubén González 1997 Latin
Future Days 9:32 CAN Future Days 1973 Rock
Brazil Track 05 9:44 Antonio Carlos Jobim Stoneflower Jazz
Dvořák: Symphony #9 In E Minor, Op. 95, B 178, “From The New World” – 2. Largo 12:30 Antonín Dvořák Dvořák’s New World Symphony & Other Orchestral Masterworks 1957 Classical
Think 12:58 U Srinivas & Michael Brook Dream World

Using Java’s String.split() to divide a string delimited by whitespace AND other things.

I have a file containing lines that look like:

#### #.##% #.##% ## ###### someLongStringAtTheEnd
__ (leading blanks
where #### is an integer number and ##.## is a floating point number. The two floats are labeled as percentages by the literal percent signs.

As far as spaces go, .split( ” ” ) works just fine. If you want more than one ‘whitespace” you have two choices: Write your own RegExp naming each whitespace character after double back slashes to escape them from the Java compiler AND Java runtime:

…split( “[\\ \\t]+” );

catches both spaces and tabs…

However, the world of Regular Expressions offers something even neater: \s, which stands for all Ascii whitespace.

Of course, you still have to escape it
…split( “[\\s]” )

and add the percent sign, and a “+” outside the braces to allow it to take one or more of the specified characters:
…split( “[\\s%]+” )

Here is a nice discussion of whitespace delimiters, larger-than-ascii character sets, etc.: