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And here’s why its a 2 piece main canopy

Here’s the Monogram Mosquoto canopy from above- These bits of tape held it while the Testors Blue Label non toxic liquid cement dried. The reason Monogram molded the bomber (B Mk IV) canopy in two pieces is to accomidate the blisters on either side, right where the aircrew were sitting. See ’em now?

Note also that the front edge of the lower (left/port) front of the windscreen isn’t matched up to the actually fuselage, yet. in this photo.


Taped main canopy from aft

Taped main canopy from aft, originally uploaded by wbaiv.

Here’s a thin depth of field photo showing the main canopy from aft, little bits of tape holding the halves while the Testors Non Toxic liquid glue dries.


How I set it up as the glue dried

How I set it up as the glue dried, originally uploaded by wbaiv.

Here’s the main canopy with the little bits of tape I put on to hold the pieces before I wicked in the Testors Blue Label “Non Toxic” liquid cement.

Monogram 1/48 Mosquito Mk IV canopy

DSC_0443, originally uploaded by wbaiv.

Here’s Monogram’s 2 piece main canopy- see the seem down the middle? Not bad to join, just one seam on the model isn’t a seam or structure on the real thing- the square bit at the top, above the pilot and observer/bomb aimer/ navigator/ radio operator ought to just be a big square of clear stuff, no seam. But you can see how good the nose and nose-compartment clear parts look.
Not that the nose (bomb-aimer’s) clear part is actually accurate- its not the right shape/size, more clear part than the real airplane.


Nose Compartment and bomb-aimer’s windows

DSC_0448, originally uploaded by wbaiv.

Monogram 1/48 Mosquito clear parts installed. Future floor wax protected the clear plastic, Testor’s blue label non-toxic liquid did the deed.



DSC_0450, originally uploaded by wbaiv.