“Avatar” is out of the ballpark- WOW! NICE!!

Just had a lovely time seeing “Avatar” with Benjamin, Jean and our pal Mark – WOW. Beautiful, awesome, happy ending, all good stuff. Pretty amazing that these beautiful aliens are half cat and half fashion illustration- Tall! Thin!! Blue!!! They’re in reeeeaaaaalllly good shape too- think Daniel Day-Lewis in “The Last of the Mohicans”.

Very easy on the eyes, and seamlessly integrated with live action with people. In fact, they do the high-hat trick of having the avatar character (computer generated from a digitized version of the human actor) and the human character side-by-side.

James Cameron deserves full marks for strong, female, characters. Sigurney Weaver does a wonderful job as the chief scientist, Michelle Rodriguez, as the helicopter pilot, Zoe Saldana, Neytiri (the romantic lead) and her character’s mom are all good roles and big fun. The male lead, male bad guy and male corporate dweeb are great as well.

But never mind that, its eye candy and just plain wonderful to watch. You’d enjoy it if someone was describing the action to you as you stood in a phone booth but I’d recommend the 3D version, which is what we saw. Amazing. Cool!! Enough to make me skip dessert too :^)

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