Monthly Archives: September 2009

Monogram’s old Mosquito nose transparencies..

My straight-out-of-the-box Monogram Mosquito is getting closer to being done. I lightly brushed Future floor wax over the clear nose and the two windows into the bomb-aimer’s compartment, sanded the fuselage mating surfaces flat and straight, sanded the clear part edges (only edges) so the glue would have something to work on, and glued them together with Testor’s blue label Non Toxic liquid glue.

On the nose windows, I stretched a modest strip of tape across the width of the window (up and down, not fore and aft) on the OUTSIDE, leaving all 4 corners exposed. Then I pressed the little window in place against the tape, and when I felt it was all seated correctly, I wicked glue between the parts from the two front corners.

Naturally the first of the little windows fit perfectly, so I wasn’t as much on my guard and the other one didn’t and I didn’t catch it, at first. I used a paint brush handle, parts clipper cushoned handle, etc, to push the slightly sunken widow out into its frame. Each day I’d wick in a little of the liquid glue to melt it slightlty free, then push. I told you! After two days, it was acceptable and I stopped.