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RIP Les Paul, age 94…


When an accident caused him to lose all movement in his elbow joint, he had the bones set so that he could still play guitar.

One of his record cutting turntables was built with a used Cadillac
flywheel because it was very heavy, very flat and relatively cheap.

Famous jazz saxiphone player Charlie Parker was so excited by the
chords in Les Paul and Mary Ford’s classic “How High The Moon” that he woke up a friend to play it for him, in the middle of the night.

He saw Jimi Hendrix when the (then) unknown young man was auditioning at a bar in New York. He left his grown son sitting out in the car for over an hour while he watched the young Hendrix playing a black Les Paul. Returning later, he was disappointed to learn that the bar owner hadn’t hired the spectacular young player (“… too loud…”) and didn’t know his name. Years later Paul and Hendrix became friends when Hendrix built his Electric Ladyland Studio and called Paul at all hour for advice and council.

For more than 55 years Gibson has been selling “Les Paul” guitars, a name that has graced a number of differently shaped and made
instruments. Along with Leo Fender’s Telecaster and Stratocaster, the Les Paul, single cutaway with thicker body or double cutaway and thinner. is the most iconic musical instruments in popular culture.

He is, the most interesting guitar playing man, in the world.

“I don’t always play a solid body electric guitar, but when I do, I
prefer a Gibson Les Paul”

“Stay in practice, my friends”