Java, programming for the web-based world: Perspective from a friend of a friend

Knowing that I was looking for a software engineering job, friends of mine said, “You should talk with Kendrick” and gave me his phone number. He’s a genuine went-there, did-that, 15 years later it still works engineer, a fine guy, much more than a guru, the real deal.

I’ve been writing low levelish code in C/C++ that runs essentially on stand-alone computers that serve as the brains of automatic test equipment (ATE).

Kendrick brought me up to date very quickly:

Do I know Java? Sure.

How about Flex? No to Flex? Its an Adobe tool for streaming video, and more, from inside a browser.

Have I seen IBM’s page? It uses Flex.

What he does, and knows, is application development for the websphere. An Apache server at the backend. More than just plain HTML.  CGI scripting inbedded in HTML.

How about SOA- Service Oriented Architecture?

ESB- Engineering Service Bus? Enterprise Service Bus?

The Model-View-Control paradigm

(thinks: how do ESB and MVC map into a View/Business Logic/IO three-layer architecture?)

A given net application presents the top layer, a View, to the user.  The View is a Java applet running in a web page on the user’s local computer.  The View captures/creates and passes data and control to the Business Logic, a “headless” application running on a (possibly remote) server.  The bottom layer, I/O, provides data to satisfy requests from the Business Logic. IO could be a separate,”headless”, application or bound in the Business Logic app.

I’m not sure if IO is expected to generate SQL or the local equivalent, or if it’s recieving parsed reports or the processed results of queries..

I can almost see a 5 layer, three+ processorr version that goes:

User View Applet


Business Logic



“Data Logic”

SQL generator/report trigger

– – – – – – –

Local or remote database….

And then

3 layer structure- “View” runs

2 responses to “Java, programming for the web-based world: Perspective from a friend of a friend

  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

  2. Java program is object oriented programming.This is interesting programming.

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