We’ve come so far. We have so far to go.

Funny how history works out. If the G. W. Bush campaign hadn’t smeared McCain out of contention in 2000, we might be looking at the closing days of the successful Second McCain Administration. Osama bin Laden might be dead. And Jeb Bush might be the President Elect.

The spew on the Fox blog from people who think BHO is the anti-Christ or the enemy of America is sad. We’ve got plenty of real enemies. Freedom and justice always have plenty of enemies. Winning is easy, and teaches little. People show their true colors in adversity. Both the Obama and McCain campaigns have a lot to teach about how to address adversity. For starters, someone who see only the worst in others often brings out the worst in themselves.

“Healing our nation” is far too abstract. How to we find a way to work with the wingnuts who want to argue that Obama’s a secret Muslim who hates whites and wants to destroy our economy? Republican losses in the House and Senate are mostly moderates. What’s left is more ideological and less reality-based. The election of a Democrat as President, and Democratic majorities in both houses means the lid is off the box and all the loons that were a fixture of the Clinton years will be back at full cry. The lopsided results at the polls won’t stop them from arguing that they election was stolen, and appeals to patriotism won’t get them to honor the elected government. (Clinton’s second term was worse than his first…)

The fact is, the RIght contains treasonists, people who value their own opinion, and their benefit, over any law. That’s why they are always slinging the word around- what people fear is what they’d do themselves, if they could. I’ve heard Obama compared to Hugo Chavez… hard to take that seriously, but its meant seriously.

At least in France the Right can point to the Terror and the Paris Commune and the left can point to the Occupation to justify their worst fears of each other. Its mostly theory, here, except for Reconstruction and 100 years of Jim Crow, lynching, poll taxes and the rest… hmm maybe that’s why a certain stripe of conservative goes on about Obama’s hating whites…. And there WERE genuine bomb-throwing Anarchists, smaller in number but no less murderous. One band of leftist jerks really did make a wagon bomb (as in horsedrawn…) with sash wieghts wrapped around the explosives for increased anti-personel effect, and set it off next to the Los Angeles Times building….

But I digress.

We’ve come so far. We have so far to go. The journey is the reward, I suspect. The new lands, new peoples, new main courses and favorite stories, and the company of those we meet on the road. Peace.

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