Californians, please vote NO on Proposition 8. Its unfair, and its wrong.

I know about the presidential contest and I have strong feelings about it, but I want to go down the ticket a bit to the nearly-as-important (or maybe more important) issue at Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage. Proposition 8 defines marriage as one man, one woman. The intention is to prevent same sex couples, two men, two women, from marrying. Its wrong, and its unfair. All the rhetoric against same-sex marriage is just about word for word what was being said against “mixed race” marriages not too many decades ago. By the same fear-mongers, and their same, fearful, followers. We’re better than this, Californians. Marriage is about two people who love one another. Please vote NO!

Neither “Adam and Steve” or “Jasmine and Eve” are threats to my (male-female) marriage, or anyone elses. The issue is a fake and the arguments are frauds. This is, pure and simple, an attempt to put a religious opinion against homosexuals- gay or lesbian, into State Law, and deprive people of basic rights because of who they are. I think this is immoral. People who want to exclude homosexuals or anyone else from their churches are entitled to do so. They even get to keep their tax exemption. But they should never get to impose their religion on others via state law.

This is REALLY IMPORTANT to me. If affects friends of mine, and their marriages. It affects friends of my son, and their parents. Marriage is a commitment between two people to be one, to care for each other, love each other, and if fortune is with them, raise children together. The argument that only couples who can concieve a child should be able to marry is foolish at best, and opens the door to great evil.

PLENTY of men and women marry, who are either unable to have children or choose not to. In my family, my beloved Aunt Martha and Uncle Stan were married for many years, and childless, until they adopted. They were biologically unable to have children. Should their marriage have been denied because of that?

Some years after my mother died, my father re-married. His new wife and sweetheart was “beyond childbearing age”, and they have had no children together. Should they be denied marriage?

My brother and his wife have chosen not to be parents. Should they be denied marriage?

I say, “LET THEM BE MARRIED!”, in all three cases, and I’m sure the proponents of Proposition 8 would agree- these couples who cannot or do not have children are terrific candidates for marriage because they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Proposition 8’s supporters want to deny Adam and Steve, or Jasmine and Eve, the same Civil RIght to marry, for religious reasons that have no place in state laws. Marriage is the business of two people who love each other and whatever authority, religious or civil, that performs the ceremony. Witnesses, friends and relatives are customary, but not required. Approval from people of religions not-your-own are not required. Its about two people who love each other, period. Lets keep it that way!

And DO remember to vote- if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain if you don’t like the outcome! Even if you can’t make your mind up about anyting else, even if you don’t read all the candidates positions for the school board, go out and PLEASE vote NO on Proposition 8!

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