A quick summary of problems I know of with Monogram’s 1/48 de Havilland Mosquito kit.

1) Fuselage too narrow, by about an eigth of an inch (3mm) or more! Check your references. I’ll discuss options for fixing this at some later time, its a messy situation, affecting the two fuselage halves, the cockpit canopy and the nose transparency, AND the wings. Unmodified, I believe the wing span is correct, so any increase in fuselage width has to either move the wing root IN an equal amount or commits you to removing that much from the wingtip….

2) Fuselage too ‘square’. In some ways, this is the worse problem. Out of the box, the clear nose appears to be an oval in section, vertically: 0, rather than the circle O it should be. Widening the fuselage, as I did, in part, with strip stock at the seam between the halves results in an opening for the clear nose part which is square with rounded corners! Yikes! All I plan to do to fix the one I’m ‘improving’ is to insert stock to widen the clear nose piece, sand smooth and shiny and use that as a pattern for a new clear piece…. or maybe saw it in half, remove the optical flat for the bombardeer, widen it, and paint the spacer as the ‘window frame, then add the right shape optical flat piece….

3) Fin and rudder are too tall by about 1/4 inch, a scale foot. The Modeler’s Datafile or Aero Detail book has a drawing of the kit fin and rudder and the correct shape superimposed- you don’t have to cut it off and remove a section, then re-attach, as I’ve started to do. Apparently, it can be nibbled/sanded down to the correct shape

4) Horizontal Stabalizers/Elevators too narrrow. Also by about 1/4 inch each. I plan to cut each half into two pieces but not at the same place, then glue them together like: ======_===–======( – a gap on each side, which I’ll fill with sheet or strip styrene stock. The horizontal surfaces are split into two, solid, pieces, so this ought to be very strong.

5) I’ve *READ* that the narrow fuselage partially disguises the nacelles being too close to the fuselage- resulting in the props being too small lin diameter too. What a naaaaasty problem if true! I need to check this, although I don’t plan, today, to fix it.

6) And then there are the nits

6.1) The two seats are identical, and not correct. Pilot’s seat is asymetric with asymetrical back, bucket seat that holds the pilot’s parachute pack which serves as a cushion. The Observer should have a cushion fixed on the bomb-bay roof and a back rest anchored on the wing spar/builkhead ,,, Or a later observer’s seat should include the two-piece armor with a porthole in it. Being two pieces allowes the top to be folded down for access to the radios.

6.2) The radio shelf, above the front spar of the wing, should have two boxes, one with 6 colorful knobs around the corners of one and a big vernier dial n the face of the other. Another pair of boxed mechanisms should be mounted behind the piloit’s seat, and a Radio control box needs to be mounted BELOW the throttle.

6.3) The throttle, Very pistol and its many cartridges, along with thermos bottle(s), dry air filters, oxygen economisers, crash axe, fire extinguishers, cold air vents, the Observer’s side Junction Boxes with meters and pushbuttons, etc, etc, all kinds of kit and kaboodle clamped or clipped to the walls, are all MISSING. Never mind the emergency hydraulic pump and its handle, the sanitary tank, medical kit, chart table (a whole TABLE) etc, etc.In short, all the texture on the walls. The instrument panel is pretty good, everything else is missing.

6.4) Cables, pipes, control rods, crank mechanisms, etc, etc, are all absent. A bundle of cables comes away from the draught proof bulkhead on both sides and runs to the side panels for Observer and Pilot, as well as the radio gear in the cockpit, the controls and indicators, etc. A huge blob of cables crosses over from the Observer’s side to the back of the instrument panel, on the roof of the sighting station in the nose.\

6.5 The floor level is too high, the step at the edge of the Bomb Bay is too small, the step at the wing forward spar is too high…. none of that stuff is right! And NONE of the stuff in the bombardeer’s compartment in the nose is the right shape, size, idea, etc. For starters, the floor should just meet the lower edge of the nose transparency… \

6.6 Main landing gear legs stop at the edge of the nacelles- forward struts should go up the firewall, aft bracing struts should meet aft wing spar. The main gear well should be boxed in fore and aft, with exposed aluminum structure on the sides… and a mud-guard should be above the spot the tail-wheel retracts into.

6.7 Main landing gear leg rubber compresison blockg shock obsorbers are entirely missing. Along with an apparently “Metal” fuselage, Monogram’s Mosquito has a regular oleo-pneumatic main gear suspension instead of the rubber block business designed by de Havilland.

6.8 Cockpit door on bottom of fuselage is the wrong shape, too long fore and aft, and has no drift sight window.

6.9 Trailing wire antennae is mounted on the underside center of the fuselage- should be at one side, directly below the crank/spool and tube on the wall outboard of the Observer.

Wow that’s a lot. But ya know, it builds into soomething that looks JUST LIKE a Mosquito. Sure, I could do one with chipped paint showing bare aluminum on the fuselage, and mirror finished pneumatic struts at the bottom of the gear, with anti-shimmy arms… but only Real Nerds would get it. So I’m taking a break from fixing one of these kits and building another one sraight out of the box, no changes to the parts, just correct assembly. Nothing added or subtracted. I’ve painted all the cockpit detail- it looks great!


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