How did your Representitive vote, and how do you feel about it?

My Congressional Representitive is the Honorable Barbara Lee and she voted against the bailout yesterday- no jobs programs, she told the newspapers, and on her web site, she listed 3 other points, it had to have a foreclosure moraturium, no rewarding bad behavior and no bailout without getting back the ill-gotten gains. Nice talk, but not enough to let it ride. Not enough to vote with Darrell Issa, and John Dolittle, Dana Rohrahacher, Duncan Hunter and the rest. When in doubt, look at who else opposes, and who else supports, a bill. She’s the new leader of the Congressional Black Caucus and it might have felt good to vote, “No”,  I think it was the wrong call.

Sometimes I’m willing to say Ms Lee’s exhibiting leadership when we disagree, but not this time. I wrote her an email and told her that her reasons weren’t, good enough. The lack of money and the dispair in my city, Oakland, is palpable, and we can talk improvements later, the house is on fire now and its time to do something about it. I’m whistling into the wind I’m sure…

I have a lot of hope for a better plan and little faith it’ll be produced. I understand why Pelosi doesn’t go for a party-line vote. On the other hand, what do you say to people who won’t vote for a package unless it contains capital gains tax rate cuts. Talking economics with the Republican Right is like talking economics with Communists. All theory, no practice, and the stupider it sounds the more they seem to like it. No room for reality, and no actual interest in it. Phoey.
Here’s the list of Californa Democrats and Republicans who voted against yesterday’s bailout plan:

(SD = San Diego area, LA = Los Angeles/Orange County/San Fernando metroplex, SF = San Francisco area)

Bob Fuller – D SD
Joe Baca – D Inland Empire
Loretta Sanchez – D LA
Linda Sanchez – D LA
Grace Naolitinato – D LA
Lucille Roybal-Allard – D LA
Diane Watson – D LA
Hilda Solis – D LA
Xavier Beccera (sp?) D LA
Andy Schiff – D LA
Brad Sherman – D LA
Fortney Stark – D SF
Barbara Lee – D Oakland/Berkeley
Lynn Woolsey – D Marin
C. Michael Thompson – D North Coast

John Dolittle – R North Central Valley
Devin Numes – R Central Valley
Kevin McCarthy – R Central Valley/North Coast
Elton Gallegly – R Santa Barbara
Edward Royce – R LA
Dana Rohrabacher – R LA
Darrell Issa – R So. Cal.
Brian Bilbay – R SD
Duncan Hunter – R SD

If your Congressional Representitive isn’t listed above, they voted FOR the bailout. For example, Mike Honda or Jackie Spier. If your Representitive IS listed above and you haven’t shared your thoughts with them, now might be a good time.

Total vote from our state was 29 YES, 24 NO, with the Democrats splitting 19/15 and the Republicans 10/9. So, among our Representitives, the bill would have passed and passed with a majority of both parties. Maybe we’re not as crazy out here as some would have it. We can hold our noses and do what’s needed when the chips are down.

I do NOT believe time is on our side and I do NOT believe whatever follows will be measurably better. Just like when Bush invaded Iraq, I think this is a disaster, but I sure hope I’m wrong.


One response to “How did your Representitive vote, and how do you feel about it?

  1. Thank you for Not Voting for this bill…. Now as some time has passed.. we can All see it did Nothing but put us farther in Debt ( like now 2.2 Trillion) and Make the Crooks get Richer… its a Sin.. that so many Representatives chose to go against such Overwhelming Screams from the people to Not Pass it.. and out and out Vote for such a terrible terrible bill… Shame on them… I am wright to every one of them and Voting to Kick their ass’s Out of office..

    I am Proud of you for standing up and voting as “We the People” have asked you to do…. Be Proud… and Lets all pray we get out of this mess alive… John Thompson… a Father, and concerned citizen…

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