Why is it always this way? The foolish attraction of a new project when old ones are still incomplete…

So here we are, about a month before Airliners International 2008, at DFW, which I will attend with my beloved brother and pals Ken and Rick and Alan (I THINK Alan is going). I’m trying to focus now on what I’m going to finish among my models in progress that are appropriate for the Airliners model contest, clearly the 1/400 A340 and B777, the 1/700 FW-200, S-2 and TBM air-tankers for fighting wild fires, the DC-3 and Ju-52, also 1/700, my 1/144 MD-82 in AA markings, the Hasegawa 1/200 777, Minicraft and Revell 1/144 737s and the Minicraft L1049G. A lot of work and I doubt I’ll get it all done in the next month, but I know where I should concentrate.

So what do I do after constructing and prioritizing my list? Immediately I’m all excited to start a NEW model, before any of the above are done. I won’t do it, but its sure interesting how more interesting starting a new project seems than completing the existing projects. Not very mature, that.

I’ll be posting some pix with the FSM Classic Kit group build of recent work, and post a connection to here.



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