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99% Persperation, 1 % inspiration!

Ah, well I’ve resisted (so far) the temptations of starting new projects and am hewing to my goal, getting stuff “in progress” *done* and off my list, and making the list shorter. Of the models I named:

The 1/144 MD-82 in AA markings, is done as far as assembling kit parts and applying decals. It needs antennae, maybe pitot tubes, paint touchup on wheels and tires, paint or decal touchup on the red and blue stripes near the port side of the nose. Detail decals wouldn’t hurt, but aren’t required as its not going to win anything.

The 1/400 A340 needs some decal clean-up, some touchup paint, the landing gear wheels and tires glued on. If it were to have blade antennae, they’d need to be added too. All the kit decals have been applied, some more than one time, and are more or less in the right places. It’ll make it.

The 1/700 FW-200 has its BOAC registration letters “G-AGAY” on wings, top and bottom, and aft fuselage, both sides. Red-white-blue stripes underline it on the sides and under, no white but still a blue and red stripe on the top, and the blue part of the starboard side needs a bit more work. UK fin flash is also applied, and I think that covers the decals for this one. Landing gear is already installed, all it needs are windows, four props and four ‘engines;’.

The 1/700 S-2 has paint, decals, cabin windows and wheels, painted. I’m fiddling with the red stripe between two white stripes on each prop blade- my thin red stripe, good for FW 200 registrations, couldn’t be put down on the blade tips. I may try painting by hand. The nosewheel gear door needs one or two touchup coats of tennis ball yellow.

The 1/700 TBM has paint, decals, windows, prop. Might need fuseage #s repeated on the wings?.

The 1/700 DC-3s are moving slowly, the Olive Drab & Gray “Northeast Airlines” has its paint done and if I can’t get my (^&()$^% $34 Rapidograph 6-0 pen to work, I’m putting on a “Northeast” decal that I found and calling it fair. The American one needs either to be finished slap-dash or sanded down and started over.. I’m still wrestling with it.

The 1/700 Ju-52, needs its markings chosen- BOAC post-war, MALEV pre-war, or whatever, and applied.

I’m pretty confident all the above will make the trip to the contest, and I’m content.

The 1/400 B777 had too rough a surface finish to start painting, so I wet-dry sanded it down to smooth and now the gray/whte demarkation is far from straight and obvious. I guess it needs some white added up to where it should stop, maybe after sanding off any gray in those areas, and when the white is dry, mask IT and apply the Boeing #707 gray. With a reasonably straight demarkation line, I can then put on kit decals, engine hot sections and other missing parts, etc.

The 1/700 Boeing 377 needs a filer/styrene stock pass around the nose, the tail glued on and rudder/fin extended to the correct size, then engines shaped from styrene rod, the kit nacelles shortened and the whole business assembled. Markings and paint are needed next, then props and landing gear.

The 1/700 Tu-114 Needs its nose finished, mounting for the horizontal and vertical tail made, horizontal and vertical tails made, maybe molds made at that point for copies, then widen the wing roots about 1-2mm, put it all together, paint, finagle some Aeroflot markings, put on the stock landing gear and lightly sanded props from the Skywave kit.

The Hasegawa 1/200 777, Minicraft and Revell 1/144 737s and the Minicraft L1049G are all unlikely to get done.

Were I to start something, a Cessna 172, 1/72 size, or a BOAC Mosquito, 1/72 or smaller, would be my choices. Or the 1/200 Boeing 2707 SST I started stripping the previous owner’s paint from… As if!

Pray for us sinners….

Why is it always this way? The foolish attraction of a new project when old ones are still incomplete…

So here we are, about a month before Airliners International 2008, at DFW, which I will attend with my beloved brother and pals Ken and Rick and Alan (I THINK Alan is going). I’m trying to focus now on what I’m going to finish among my models in progress that are appropriate for the Airliners model contest, clearly the 1/400 A340 and B777, the 1/700 FW-200, S-2 and TBM air-tankers for fighting wild fires, the DC-3 and Ju-52, also 1/700, my 1/144 MD-82 in AA markings, the Hasegawa 1/200 777, Minicraft and Revell 1/144 737s and the Minicraft L1049G. A lot of work and I doubt I’ll get it all done in the next month, but I know where I should concentrate.

So what do I do after constructing and prioritizing my list? Immediately I’m all excited to start a NEW model, before any of the above are done. I won’t do it, but its sure interesting how more interesting starting a new project seems than completing the existing projects. Not very mature, that.

I’ll be posting some pix with the FSM Classic Kit group build of recent work, and post a connection to here.