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Remove Future Floor Wax from clear model parts with Windex…

I goofed up my second coat of Future on the clear windows part of a Heller/Airfix 1/43 Mitsubishi WRC racer… So I popped it into a deli half-pint container with warm water and a little dish soap and a week later the formerly clear Future (Johnson’s “Kleer” in some places) had turned a milky white but was still firmly attached. I poured out the water onto the front lawn (we’re rationing water now…) and poured some Windex brand glass cleaner with ammonia into the deli dish… by the time I had finished putting the cap on the Windex bottle, the milky stuff was completely gone and the clear part looked new. A quick rinse in luke-warm water and a polish with a soft dish towel and I oculd try again. I put down one coat of straight Future using my 1/2″ (13mm) laquer brush and 5 minutes later it looked great.

With luck I can paint the black surrounds on it tonight and then glue the body, clear parts and chassis all together.

The really, really, neat thing about using Future on clear parts of plastic models is that it forms an innert barrier to any and all kinds of glue. You have to sand through it to use plastic glule to attach the clear part to something else. But glue fumes and ‘wicking’ aren’t an issue- you can glue the clear part in place using liquid or tube non-toxic glue, I’d expect the orange-red package toxic version of Testor’s glue would work just fine too.