Anyone out there have 1/20 Chevy small block V8 engines or 1/20 kit parts? A drawing? 1/25 or other size model parts?

So I discovered there was a Bandai McLaren Mk6B kit, and the McLaren Mk6 is one of my very favorite racing cars- yeah, looks a little narrow and slab sided, but there’s *something* about its shape, still a whiff of romance, that the Mk8 seems too efficient to capture. And now I’ve got one of the Bandai kits, or most of one… its a real relic of the 1960s- the body looks more or less right, the chassis guts are simplified to toy proportions, the steering has big, beefy, parts that allow you to set it to go straight or curveed, and the model’s engine conceals a Mabuchi electric motor that drives a gearbox (in the gearbox!), which drives the rear axles and thus the rear wheels.

I can certainly manufacture my own replacement pieces for what’s missing- some of the rear suspension bulkhead, some suspension arms, the one-ball Hooke joints for the rear axles. But so little of it is ‘scale-like’ that I’m more tempted to try to turn what I’ve got into a scale model. One of the MPC McLaren Mk8D kits could be a donor for much of this- the 6 had two more structural bulkheads- one aft of the engine block and connected to the chassis tub, for rear suspension loads, the other at the front edge of the front suspension. These complemented the two bulkheads that both designs have, the firewall/central bulkhead between the engine and the driver’s seat, and the forward bulkhead that caps the tub at the rear edge of the front suspension.

But the suspension geometry, arms, hubs/uprights, gearbox, axles, brakes and wheels all translate directly, and a hybrid tub using parts from both *and* scratch built parts for a Mk6 would go a good distance to supporting the body of the Bandai car.

However, the Mk6, in McLaren Car’s team use, carried a Chevy small block V8, not the big block moster (540 cu. in.) that the Mk8 used both for power and as a loaded memeber to carry rear suspension loads to the tub. So I need a 1/20 scale Chevy small block V8. None of the 1/20 scale Corvette or Camaro models seem to have a small block engine (duh). I found a couple of Chevy kits with 1/25 or 1/24 motors that I think are small blocks:

Revell 1969 Z-28 RS kit, with 302 cu. in. V8 <- this has gotta be one…

<AMT?> 1969 Camaro SS, with 396 cu. in. V8. Big block destroked? small block bored and stroked up?

<someone> 1966 Chevy Nova – seems like it should be a 350 and not a 427/454.

I’ve got profile/outline views of the Mk6a, and a number of picture books, including the recent, “Bruce McLaren, Racing Car Constructor”, (Thanks, honey!) that I can mine for useful photos to draw up a plan. There’s no way I’ll get this done this year, so looking for the parts I need seems to make sense. Soooo, if you have 1/20 parts for a Chevy small block V8, please drop me a line. If you’ve got a good set of drawings or photos of a Chevy short block V8, and can share them, also please get in touch.

Thank you!


7 responses to “Anyone out there have 1/20 Chevy small block V8 engines or 1/20 kit parts? A drawing? 1/25 or other size model parts?

  1. Hi,

    There are lots of 1/24-5 scale CSBs, but I only know of CBBs and hemis in 1/20 scale, sorry! I’ll keep looking… You might have to scale up a 1/25 scale version (should be possible with a lot of elbow grease and m2c1).



    “measure twice cut once”

  2. Addition to my previous post:

    The AMT Barris Rickshaw seems to have a smallblock! The real car had a 400 ci, at least.

    • Ulf,
      That’s terrific,thanks!.
      Would it have been madness to bore and stroke a small block to 400 cu. in. ? For a show car, what would the risk be?

      My interest in small block Chevys is for a McLaren Mk 6 in 1/20, using the still-available MPC Mk 8D kit, (really their Mk 8B reworked to “Mk 8D”,) as a parts source. The Mk 6 is narrower, with narrower tires, curvy-er bodywork and a four-bulkhead tub, rather than the more economical two bulkhead design in the Mk 8. In the big-block Mk 8, the rear suspension, other than radius rods, is bolted to the block and transmisison case, like a Formula 1 Ford DFV. The Mk 6 had a proper rear bulkhead at the bellhousing, and a fourth bulkhead at the front pickups for the front suspension.
      It is, if you’ll forgive the quote, “An Elegant [vehicle]… for a More Civilized Time”.

      Thanks again!!

  3. Hi,

    The 400 ci was a standard GM option, if I remember correctly. With a tall deck and not too large bore, you can get a 427 ci smallblock with “no problems”!



  4. Howdy!
    I’m trying to do something similar with the Bandai kit. I’m trying to convert it to the McLeagle. It would be interesting to share ideas (such as how to replicate 1/20 Eagle front wheels). Are you planning on modeling a specific M6? I can probably help with some detail questions as I am lucky enough to campaign the McLeagle in vintage racing and I know others with “stock” M6’s that could supply photos and measurements within reason. I can get my engine builder to photo and measure a SBC if need be.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. hi Andy!
    Wow! I’m deeply impressed. Yes, the Bandai kit was what I was thinking of- I’ve seen one, but it was incomplete. I’ve got one of Mr Fisher’s beautiful resin kits, and a 1/12 rc car body.
    An earlier response lists a kustom kar kit which is said to be 1/20 and has a Chevy short block.
    Ive built enough blocks for car kits I was fairly sure I could fake it up from sheet. A styrene box for the crankcase, two boxes for the cylinder banks. Freeze plugs, ribbing, etc done with slices & lengths of bar stock. in theory heads, etc could be cast from a pattern.
    To the wheels,
    i havent made wheels from scratch, yet, but i have made a propeller in 1/144 and various missing parts of the Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1.
    I would make a wheel master and copy in resin. the rim could be styrene tubing, laminated from 2 sizes if need be, then filed and sanded to shape. Generic wheels have rim sections like


    my first shot would be thick sheet ‘washers’ for the bead edge (” “) and 2 nested rings for the shelf at the bead (——–) and the smaller diameter center bit. (.__.). were Bandai’s tires the right size or others available, i;d make sure it fit!!

    With a rim, then a hub and spokes are needed. the reason I like styrene is I could melt the pieces together, integrall, like a casting. I’d also look at robbing the tires and rims from the MPC 1/20 MK8d

  6. I found this detail set (see above) and thought about silicon casting off a 1/18 indy Eagle and a little judicious trimming as an insert…

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