“Der Erfolgstyp 1999” detail photos

Der Erfolgstyp 1999, general editor Ulrich Upeitz

(C) 1999 Gruppe C Motorsport Verlag gmbh ISBM 3-928540-22-X
(Factory & Jever Porsche 911 GT1/98; private 1996 and 1997 models)

My list of modeler-friendly photos from this book:

Page 2, GT1/98 engine cover off, from left size aft, at track, contrived Mobil 1 oil fill photo, small size
Page 6, Agfa film ad, one frame of 1998 GT1 chassis and engine on trestles at factory, from ??? side
Pages 10, 11, Torn-down long-block engine parts, with intakes, throttles included. No timing chains, hoses, turbos, intercoolers, ignition, water pump
Page 13, Car on chassis dyno at track- engine cover off, rear wheel moving, car not moving, from left side
Pages 35, 43, 44, 45, 47, 48, 1998 carbon fiber driver’s compartment on trestles in various states of assembly Page 44 probably the best of the set.
Pages 50, 51, 52, 53, Torn down engine metal parts. No hoses, wires, soft stuff, turbos, chains.
Page 58, cockpit, with driver
Pages 62 and 63, carbon fibre chassis and engine on trestles at factory.
Page 68, just engine and frame tubes
Page 68, complete back end (transmission, suspension, etc.) on trestles
Page 70, car complete, engine cover off, driver ready to start up
Page 79, cockpit, no driver
Page 86, same, contrived, Mobil 1 oil fill photo, differently cropped.
Page 109, left front brake, rotor, etc, during tire change in race
Pages 117, 118, 119, 110, filthy car wins race, covered in carbon brake dust except for “Mobil 1”
Pages 137 and 138, green with red and white top Jever pair, from in front, during race
Page 154, Alan McNish in cockpit, from starboard (right) side
Page 164, same, dang, Mobil 1 oil fill photo, cropped a third way.
Page 167, One rear suspension coil-over shock unit
Page 168, Mobil 1 car at a race, on steel trestles, front and rear covers off
Pages 170 and 171, #7 Mobil 1 car at A1 ring – 2 page color profile photo
Page 172, #6 Jever car, green with red and white striped top, same profile as 170-171
Pages 174 and 175, #8 Mobil 1 car, at Homestead
Page 176, Door sill/side structure and dashboard from behind the door. Right (starboard) side.
Pages 182, 183, 184, 185, 186 and 187, Champion Porsche 1997 evo car
Pages 200 and 201 #26 Mobil 1 car at Petit Lemans

While this list is relatively short, it is limited to those photographs I thought were useful, in some way, to the model builder, intent on exterior or interior detail. There are many other photos! Upeitz provides plenty of colorful photographs, organized linearly into styling and design of the car, building a street example to qualify the design, building racing cars, the 24 hour race at Le Mans, other races in Europe, other races in the USA, technical description of the cars, dates and places they raced.

As eye candy, this book cannot be faulted; few of the 200 pages are without a photo, and the quality of the photographs, technically, is superb. I have not listed the many different studies of the flowing lines of the exterior of the car, intent people talking, thoughtful portraits of relevant people, pomp and ceremony, publicity pictures of cars, drivers, team members, tractor-trailer rigs, etc. Great for the general fan, but not particularly useful if you’re trying to understand shapes, colors and locations of the fiddly bits.

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