“Der Erfolgstyp 1997”, detail photos

Der Erfolgstyp 1997, general editor, Ulrich Upeitz

(C) 1997 Gruppe C Motorsport Verlag gmbh ISBN 3-928540-
(Factory &  private Porsche 911 GT1s, 1996 model)


There are photos or graphics on nearly every page of this book. These are favorites, not, by any means, an exhaustive list.  In every 100 pages, there are more than 100 photos.

I have made a drawing using page 192, 200 and 202. https://flic.kr/p/DQJySu

My pick of modeler-friendly photos from this book:

Page 1, Profile skeleton view, showing internal details and dimension points.

Pages 2 and 3, skeleton view from above, showing  internal details and dimension point

Page 19, Incomplete engine on stand, right side (starboard) cam cover removed.

Page 20, Engine being test fitted to chassis tube frame.

Page 35, Engine mounting tubes

Page 37, Drawing from overhead

Page 58, Engine in chassis, no undertray. Yellow jacketed cable for anti-roll bar adjustment

Page 59, 993-ish turbo with resonance tube, transmission, rear suspension. Yellow, Rear shock absorber reserviors mounted ahead of differential/final drive, Reflective foil on back (engine side) of firewall.

Page 60, Engine block in slings. Chassis tubes covered with something cream covered.

Page 64, Tube frame, firewall, no engine. Firewall radiator, long lengths of cables, etc, hanging on right side. Second photo, shows white body, black tubes, fewer cables and wires.

Page 67, Street car #1, from back left corner, engine cover open. WPO 992 T2  396001

Page 70, Under covers front and back. Car #1 on the road. Rear shock reservoirs still on tranny. Road car engine cold air and intercooler intake.

Page 78, Full frame, starboard side, intake from plenum, waste gate plumbing, partial fuel setup (rail, injectors, no filter or input, no ignition wiring or heat shield.

Page 79, Block with cooling pipes, engine on dyno, from forward-right

Page 80, Mostly complete, turbos bert, plumbing too dark, Restrictor.

Page 81, Block with water pump, power steering, SEE heads, chain boxes, Crankcase front,  up and over water tube. Second photo, into the cylinders, pistons in place, oil filter mounted.

Page 82, Starboard cylinders and head without cams, from exhaust side. Engine sideways on engine stand. Second picture: cam box being installed by engine builder.

Page 83, Flow test mock-up: Plastic head, cylinders, water pump. Up and over pipe from intake side of head, exhaust side pipe to head

Page 84, Partial engine on dyno. Alternator, water and power steering pumps, only pulley on the water pump. Bare block, cam box, head, cylinders, crank…

Page 85, Port forward quarter, cam cover removed, bare block

Page 88, Skeleton drawing from forward looking aft

Page 90, Real engine with turbos, unpainted tube frame.

Page 92, Photo from dead aft: Tranny and suspension behind a real engine, turbos, plenums, no intercoolers. Bulkhead/firewall, brakes, axles, anti-roll bar, shocks.

Page 93, Top photo: Port side cam cover, turbo, oil filter, frame and bulkhead, exhaust pipe, top of engine stuff, hard brake line
Bottom photo: Transmission, suspension, shocks, air ducts, exhaust tube. Top of engine, back of bulkhead, from starboard, aft.

Page 94, (bottom) Front clip and suspension, radiator, fuel, ABS, etc.

Page 96, Mechanic / constructor Hans Eckert (?) holding a foil-wrapped duct, starboard aft suspension, brake, etc.

Page 101, Engine without cover, from behind, at track.

Page 102, In puts, reard aft, low angle sun, yellow springs, reserviors on transmission.

Page 126, Spare parts for race day

Page 175, Photo from dead aft, in pits

Page 186, Anti-roll adjuster, reserviors, top of engine, from aft.

Page 192, Engine, full page, from port-side, on a stand, for press/customer car owner training day(s). No turbos or water pipes, Plenums, down to exhaust. Cam covers from both sides removed.

Page 194, Another starboard profile, car with suspension, engine, brakes, etc.

Page 196, Starboard, aft, corner

Page 197, Engine

Page 200, Engine from front, starboard, side

Page 202, Engine into van

Page 203, Red over white car – Marlboro sponsorship?

Page 6,
Pages 62 and 63

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