Just the links, please: click through, cut-and-paste links that will work. In spite of me.

Andial have a superb web site with photo collections on various topics. One is on doing a major service to a 1997 “996” based 911 GT1.
The lighting and production are very good, and this is the only place I’ve seen a GT1 engine from underneath. I believe its 215 pictures, so take your time and enjoy yourself. There are also good pictures of the top of the engine with the intercooler airbox removed, pictures of the front of the engine (where the belt and pulleys are), etc.

Because this is a “street” car, the air intake is slightly different: Instead of compressed intake air flowing from the front of the intercooler to the back, then out to two plenums, each feeding on bank of 3 cylinders, you get intake air coming in from the outsides, flowing through the intercooler and into a single, central, round port, feeding a manifold with six spider-leg runners that go down to the cylinders. This looks a lot like a 959, and might be standard Turbo parts. I’d expect no small amount of skill is involved in making a street-friendly grocery hauler with a 350hp, 450hp or 550hp top end- it would be logical to keep going with something that works at the lower output rather than starting with the full race engine and trying to civilize it.

Lemans-models.nl, nice site from the Netherlands illustrating 911 GT1 colors from their various owners and appearances. There’s some really cool stuff here, not just the shark marking, though obviously that’s a keeper in my favorite colors of gray and white…   http://www.lemans-models.nl/MERKEN/porsche_GT1.htm

A terrific build article on the Tamiya kit. Like myself, this modeler couldn’t just live with the lack of 993 front sheet metal details in the Tamiya kit, but took a different route than I did in filling it in. Better and more complete than my own work, in some senses. I strongly recommend them!


Art and Revs is an exotic car dealer, with photos of chassis 104, which they sold:

Solid gold: Photos of a 1996 911 GT1 customer racing car with front and rear bodywork removed, tires and everything else visible:

Porsche 1996 911 GT1 customer car, front and rear body removed:

Thumbnail link? Click for a full size image in its own window:

A 2007 forum posting shows the Automovil article, but the link to the McLaren F1 view doesn’t work

Article first page with excellent 911 GT1 cockpit, McLaren F1 exterior pix:

A superb 3 page build log of the Tamiya kit, with plenty of photos:

My own model-in-progress, from rather early in this century to now:
Radiator, reference photo, without added sheet parts

Looks like I had a reference photo from above that I’d downloaded from the interent… could it be the Automovil photo??

John Wiley’s motor photo one more time:
Porsche GT1 motor

There’s more to linking a set than just quoting the URL apparently-
My own modest contributions, when I found the Rohr 1996 car at Porsche’s Laguna Seca RennSport Reunion IV:

Rohr 911 GT1 1996 starboard profile DSC_0120

Here’s a nice article on SpeedHunters about the #38 Champion Porsche 1997 evo car.

GMG Racing‘s beautiful views from the top of 1996-1997 era engines, not in a car! These are second only to John Wiley.

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