Porsche 911 GT1 1996, 1997 “evo” and 1998 references

Most pictures here are a link you can click on, that will take you to the picture, and related pictures in the same set.

My take on John Sinkgraven’s frame 13a (of 13a-15a) from a pit facility with 1996 or 1997 Mobil 1 Porsche Factory GT1 team:

I made this derived work from John’s original. I’d link to it but its not up anywhere at the moment. I’d like to have him to post it. But this gets the gist. He’s given me permission to share my derivative work non-commercially. Sharing non-commercially is what I’m all about. Thank you, John!


My derivative of one of the original photos offered as references by Renaissance Models in France. With their kind permission:

1996 Porsche 993 GT1 002 or 003 car: 03 00 mid Interior Mobile 1 GT1 Cockpit From Passenger Side
1996 Porsche 993 GT1 002 or 003 car: 03 00 mid Interior Mobile 1 GT1 Cockpit From Passenger Side

My picture above is based on the lower right image of this set of 4:

Renaissance GT1 1996 detail 1

A clear view looking straight back at the passenger side firewall, Note TAG 3.8 electronics use a big, central, grommet for the 2 big and 2 little cables, and additional cables come through at other places


Renaissance’s Detail 2 set: My picture is after the lower left:


Renaissance Models GT1 1996 photos: They have 5 individual frames and 2 sets of 4:

The photos of their 1996 911 GT1 kits, built and unbuilt, the instructions in PDF form and the other two years (1997 ‘evo’, 1998 overall winner) are well worth your time as well.

Here’s the top level of Renaissance’ detail gallery


John Wiley’s photos:

John Wiley’s front view of a customer car engine, circa 1997, as removed from a working race car. All the fiddly bits are present or at least were once attached.  Thanks for putting this one up, John!

Porsche GT1 motor

Porsche GT1 101 G-Force

Mr. Wiley’s *other* 911 (993) GT1 engine picture- the back end of an engine still attached to a car, Chassis 101, in “G-Force” markings, before “Blue Coral”.  All the coils, cables, brake calipers, etc, that the mechanics would prefer NOT to disconnect are… NOT disconnected! My kind of detail photo! Thank you for this one too!


Gerry Winker, ComicOzzie Motorsport Photography

Dodge Neon Challenge at Minneapolis Grand Prix » USRRC Album
“Thierry Boutsen / Bob Wollek Porsche 911 GT1 in the paddock” Champion #38 Evo.

The good photos, my opinion:

01:30 Fore: Nose and front fender piece, trunk lid open, and fuel cell removed. Cables and hoses on port inner fender visible. Starboard front brake cooling air nose intake, round cross section air duct, soft duct to wheel hub.

04:00 Aft: Engine, transmission, rear suspension, wheels and tires removed. Very tidy, clean, engine compartment.

03:30 Mid: Fore: From back edge of passenger door to front of car. Technician working on right front brake, hub, suspension.

01:30 Fore: Buttoned-up car on track for race. Starboard fore quarter.

00:30 Fore: Buttoned up car on race track, view from in front

00:15 Fore: Straight on, tighter than 188

Art And Revs, the Fine Automobiles Gallery had the FATurbo car:

07:00 Aft: Clean and tidy engine compartment from back, left, corner.

03:30 Mid: Cockpit through Passenger door,

Art and Revs, sold Porsche 911 GT1

Look under “Sold”.

Frame 6 (exterior) Frame 7 (cockpit) and 8 (engine) of 21, From an exotic car dealer who had a pretty nice showroom!

My own photos from RennSport Reunion IV, Laguna Seca, October 14-15-16, 2011:

Rohr 911 GT1 1996 starboard profile DSC_0120

One pretty good photo from my set of the Rohr 1996 car:
Porsche Rohr 1996 911 GT1 DSC_0133

And here’s the picture by Kahmed79 that inspired me:

DSC04322 by kahmed79, on Flickr

The rest of my contribution, ROHR 993/1996-style customer car photos are here, from RennSport IV, Laguna Seca:

Here’s an exported set from Flickr
am best 1996 911 GT1 Porsche racing car//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

From Automovil magazine. Thumbnail link. Click for a full size image in its own window: from top, front and back, no front or back body panels in the way.

Hmmm this image host seems a little dodgy- first time I click through I get a picture of wind turbine in front of the content I want… must be coming from the site that serves this URL… be thoughtful

And here’s the thumbnail itself:

First page of article for above, with excellent 911 GT1 cockpit, McLaren F1 pix:

Here’s where I found the links above, and a translation of the first half of the magazine article. Anyone up for translating the second half? http://www.theautounion.net/index.php?topic=11.0


Here’s a nice article on SpeedHunters about the #38 Champion Porsche 1997 evo car.

I had links to a set of 5, second-hand, customer spare GT1 engines that were for sale from GMG Racing in Southern California. The shop eventually took them down, but kindly sent copies of the 5 photos and permission to post them, so they’re in my Flickr account:

Here are the 3 I think are most useful for building the Tamiya kit:

GMG Racing #002 customer engine:
<img alt="GMG #2 Customer Engine" src="Porsche GT1 Spare #002 customer engine  4x (1)//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js” title=”Porsche GT1 GMG Racing #002 Customer Engine” />

GMG Racing #004 customer engine:
<img alt="GMG #004 Customer Engine" src="Porsche GT1 Spare #004 customer engine  4x//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js” title=”Porsche GT1 GMG Racing #004 Customer Engine” />

GMG Racing #006 customer engine:
<img alt="GMG #006 Customer Engine" src="Porsche GT1 Spare #006 customer engine 4x//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js” title=”GMG Racing Porsche GT1 Spare #006 customer engine” />

GMG also had what looked like a disassembled engine:a and a 1998 engine (with carbon fiber intake manifold, tidy wiring, etc.)

GMG Racing #003 disassembled customer engine:

GMG Racing #005 1998 customer engine:

Ultimate Car Page


Ultimate P 911/993 GT1
They have 88 images for customer cars, 101, 104 and 109.

Porsche 993-GT1-101 – Marlboro and Blue Coral markings

Kremer Porsche-911-GT1-993-GT1-104, 2010 & 2017, FAT Turbo markings

Playstation Porsche 993-GT1-109


L to R: Exhaust Turbine, Compressor Turbine, Cold air box from roof in GT1 chassis 101, Marlboro colors.


A nice site from the Netherlands illustrating 911 GT1 colors from their various owners and appearances. There’s some really cool stuff here, not just the shark marking, though obviously that’s a keeper in my favorite colors of gray and white…   http://www.lemans-models.nl/MERKEN/porsche_GT1.htm

Broken links that need to e fixed:
There’s also the spare engine that went with the 1997 factory car that sold at Gooding’s auction at Amelia Island some time ago.


Andial, the independent US Porsche race car shop, have a web site, and that web site has a photo gallery of a street 911 GT1 getting an overhaul: Lots of pictures here of things you won’t see anywhere else – underside of the engine, intercooler removed from a complete engine. Unfortunately, since this is a street version, the intake is slightly different, possibly 959 derived, so there’s a single throttle body with 6 runners to the cylinders, rather than 6 individual throttle butterflys. Still…


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There is no “I” in “Advanced Modeler Syndrome” – its always a team effort!

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